Rachel Lindsay reacts to Chris Harrison’s departure from “Bachelor”

Impact exit.Former bachelor Rachel Lindsay She revealed that she was surprised Chris Harrison Was let go of Bachelor Franchise for the first time in about 20 years.

“I have to say, I [shocked]I didn’t expect that to happen, not after the announcement, “said Lindsay, 36. bonus On Tuesday, June 8th.

Weekly He confirmed that Harrison’s vacation, announced in February, became permanent just hours later. Bachelorette Season 17 premiered on Monday, June 7th. The host is 49 years old. Reached an 8-digit settlement With ABC.

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The controversy began when Harrison defended Rachel CarconelRacially insensitive past during a conversation with Lindsey bonus During February. Harrison told fans to wait to hear from the Bachelor contestants, but pointed out that Lindsey had been silent for weeks.

“Who is Rachel Lindsay, who is Chris Harrison, and who is the awakened policeman there, who are you? [to tell her to speak out]? ”He asked. “‘I think she should.'”‘I think he should. Who are you? Who are you requesting it? “

Harrison apologized a day later and also apologized directly to Lindsay, said a television correspondent. “The last time we sat down and spoke, I said I would accept Chris’s apology and still support it. Yes, I think that’s the way to go, “Linsey said on Tuesday.

“I oppose all forms of racism and deeply apologize. I’m sorry for Rachel Lindsay and I’m sorry for the black community,” he said.

Harrison is already Some job offers after his retirement From the franchise, sources spoke exclusively We on Tuesday.

“He receives all sorts of offers about the project, so he wants to finalize something soon,” said one insider. “He has been a team that has supported him all the time. And we’re working on the next move. He’s hosted other shows in the past, so it’s safe to say that this isn’t the end of Chris Harrison’s hosting! “

A second source added, “He is happy and relieved to be able to explore future opportunities.”

Lindsey wondered if Harrison really wanted to leave on his own terms. “It’s been 19 years, but if you watch the show, Chris is less and less visible,” she said. bonus“19 years has been a big achievement. Maybe that’s what we don’t know. Maybe they were ready to move forward. Maybe Chris is all this. You probably wanted to move on later. “

when He broke the silenceThe longtime moderator said he was “excited to start a new chapter” and “ran really incredible.

“I am very grateful to Batchelor Nation for all the memories we made together,” he shared on Instagram on Tuesday. “My 20-year journey is over, but I The friendships we have built will last a lifetime. “

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Rachel Lindsay reacts to Chris Harrison’s departure from “Bachelor”

Source link Rachel Lindsay reacts to Chris Harrison’s departure from “Bachelor”

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