Rachel Maddow urges people to “realign” their lives after revealing their partner’s COVID-19 diagnosis

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow made an emotional return on Thursday night after two weeks off, with viewers seeing her partner Susan Micula (“The Center of Her Universe”). COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) (# If there is no character limit, add parentheses when it first appears.. “At some point I really thought I could kill her,” Madou said, urging viewers to “do everything they could to prevent it from being obtained.”

According to Madou, Mikura was diagnosed two weeks ago. On the day Mikura was positive, Madou said she was negative, and since then the two have been physically separated. Mikura has “worse” in the last two weeks, but is beginning to recover, according to Madou.

“The bottom line is that she’ll be fine. She’s recovering. She’s still sticking, but she’ll be fine,” Madou said. “We’re not as scared as we used to be, but at first we didn’t really feel okay.”

Madou emotionally explained her relationship, saying that Mikula was “the center of my universe.” According to Madou, the couple have lived together for over 21 years.

“The way I think is not that she is the sun and I am the plane that orbits her. It will give too much credit to other planets. I say she is a planet. I think it’s even more pathetic. It’s like I’m trying to make her happy by beeping her and blinking the lights on a planet, “Mado said. “… My relationship with Susan is the only thing I can kill or die without hesitation.”

Madou went on to urge viewers to “realign” their decisions and plans.

“Believe me. Whatever you calculate as an acceptable or unavoidable risk in your life is what you are willing to experience with this virus. Statistically, for you and your loved ones. Is probably fine, I’m here to tell you to readjust it, “Mado said.

She noted a dramatic increase in hospitalizations over the past few weeks.A record 73,000 people in the United States on Wednesday Hospitalization In the case of COVID-19, data show that many hospitals are expected to face staff shortages as the number of cases continues to grow exponentially. Broadly speaking, Madou explained, “There is no room for you in the hospital anymore.”

News and political hosts have admitted that after dealing with a pandemic for more than half a year, people could endanger themselves more than they are now, but the virus affects people who or how severely it affects them. Someone who said he wouldn’t give a “choice” about what.

“I would have done anything. I would have moved the mountain because I was sick for the last few weeks instead of Susan. Still I would give something, but this gives you that choice. Do not give. ” “I can’t say I’m going to get it myself and play the odds … it’s not necessarily you. It will be the one you care about most in the world, and you’re it How can you withstand? ”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as local, state, and federal officials, recommend that people refrain from traveling for Thanksgiving. Many people recommend celebrating a holiday only with the people with whom people live to prevent further spread.

Madou reiterated, “Yeah, that would be terrible, but much less than you or anyone in your family would get it and get sick.”

“This is hellish scary. Don’t do whatever you’re willing to do to risk getting it,” Madou said. “Don’t do that.”

Rachel Maddow urges people to “realign” their lives after revealing their partner’s COVID-19 diagnosis

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