Rachel tells Jose that she’s done after he shuts her out

The beginning of the end? Maybe so. Episode on Wednesday, September 22 love at first sight, Rafael Gordillo When Jose San Miguel Junior Enter their most enthusiastic debate — and it doesn’t end well.

of We weeklyJosé, 35, who is the exclusive sneak peak of the sneak peak, casually asks his wife, 33, how her day was, but she is not ready to move on from the previous night’s event. Hmm.

“road You acted towards me, How you talked to me, how you expressed how unhappy you were, was it okay? She asks. “The way you did it. Was it okay?”

After a mission flight specialist ironically replied, “apparently not,” Rachel said: … I don’t trust you at all. “

Jose and Rachel. AGABA STUDIOS

Jose then said he didn’t trust her either, revealing that she called him in the name of another man.

“I apologized immediately, and it was a heartfelt apology,” explains the teacher. “But you locked me out.”

The previous night’s footage shows Jose locking the door and turning off the lights at 12:34 am. At 1:02 am, she hears a knock — then knocks on the doors of all the other couples in the next 30 minutes.

“I was here with Brittany, I took her out. I talked a little more. I didn’t have anything. You were sleeping. I came back and it got stuck “She explains. “I call all my friends in the middle of the night and tell them that my husband has locked me out of the apartment.”

Jose said, “I know I lock the door every night. I secure my fortune before going to bed …. I don’t know where you are or what you are doing. It’s like you. Just took off. “

She replies:Me Feel like you don’t care.. “

After he smiles and says, “I really don’t know,” she tells her husband: I don’t feel you apologize at all, and yeah, I can’t be your wife. “

love at first sight It will be broadcast for a lifetime on Wednesday, September 22, at 8:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time). MAFS: The road so far It will be broadcast immediately after 10 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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Rachel tells Jose that she’s done after he shuts her out

Source link Rachel tells Jose that she’s done after he shuts her out

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