“Racism of a particular kind”: Shooting in Atlanta fuels fear of ideology against sex work | Atlanta

Tuesday night, a 21-year-old man named Robert Aaron Long is reportedly It became a deadly rampage Eight people died at three Atlanta spas, including six Asian women. According to police, Long’s shooting began at a Youngs Asian massage parlor on the outskirts of the city, where he killed four people, two of whom were Asian and injured one. He then fled the scene, proceeded to Gold Spa, and allegedly killed three more, all Asian women. He then entered Aromatherapy Spa, a spa directly across the street, where he killed his last victim.

After an interview with the authorities, Sheriff Frank Reynolds of Cherokee County claimed that Long “gave no indication” that his crime was a racist motive. “We asked him specifically, but the answer was no,” Reynolds said. Said on wednesday..

This idea is ridiculous for many who have observed a surge in racist violence against Asian Americans during a pandemic: in the past year. 3,800 reported incidents According to the group Stop AAPI Hate, the number of anti-Asian violence occurred in 2021 alone, about 503. The majority of those attacked are women. And some argue that it’s just as ridiculous to exclude the discussion of feelings against sex work from conversations about these recent attacks on the Asian community.

It’s not yet known if any of the victims of the shooting on Tuesday provided sexual services at work, but Long tells police that the spa he fired represents “the temptation he wants to eliminate.” At least suggested that they believed they did. Proponents say this reveals how racism, sexism and anti-sex work emotions work together to create anti-Asian violence. What they say, his crime was ultimately against sex workers.

“Even if they offer non-sexual massage, this is a matter of sex work,” said Esther K, co-director of Red Canary Song, a grassroots Chinese massage parlor workers’ coalition. “Women are effectively considered sex workers and are scapegoated as such.

“Removing the element of sex work prevention really removes the core of what this particular kind of racism is. Asian women’s body fetishism, body objectification, and Asian women Obviously the assumption is to provide sexual service, in a massage parlor, “she continued. “The confusion between massage parlors and sex workers without nuances is very specific to anti-Asian racism against Asian women.”

Red Canary Song was founded after the death of Yang Song, a massage parlor worker in Flushing, Queens. Fell into 4 stories In November 2017, I headed to the sidewalk during a NYPD’s secondary puncture wound. Two months ago she was arrested and charged with prostitution. During the November raid, police were trying to arrest her again for engaging in sex work. Before she died, she told her family that she had been sexually assaulted by a man disguised as a decoy investigator.

A scene outside the Gold Spa on Tuesday night. Photo: Christopher Arca Berry / Reuters

Song’s death fueled the decriminalization of sex work in the city, treating sex work like any other type of work and advocating equal protection of sex workers under labor law. ..Exercise is also focused Reduce police in the immigrant communityThe issue that the organizers say is inseparable from the advocacy of sex workers.

Urban Justice Center Sex Worker Project released a statement on Wednesday Atlanta Shooting: “At SWP, as part of an extensive work to end the criminalization and stigma of adult-consensual sex work and create a world where all workers are free from all forms of exploitation, including human trafficking. , Provides immigration legal services. “

Son’s case highlighted police violence against sex workers, but has long argued that excessive policing creates other forms of violence by individuals. I am a victim of crime. Proponents say it fosters stigma and moralization directed at their work, which often results in targeted violence.

Ellen Lam, secretary-general of Butterfly, a group for Asian and immigrant sex workers based in Toronto, said of the victims in the shooting on Tuesday, “Hatred hatred exposes them to violence and discrimination. Was created. ” “Excessive crackdowns are violence against Asian women, especially in the sex industry and massage parlors. [This] Prevents workers from protecting themselves. “

In Toronto, for example, the law prohibits bodylove parlor owners and workers from locking doors into individual or private rooms. Mr Lam said this left some workers vulnerable to robbery, harassment and assault, and hesitated to call police for fear of committing themselves. A 2020 report It turns out that more than half of the workers in this company, published by Butterfly, are experiencing some threat to workplace safety.

Jessica Lange puts her hand on the door at the moment of sadness after shedding flowers at the Youngs Asian Massage Parlor in Acworth, Georgia.
Jessica Lange puts her hand on the door at the moment of sadness after shedding flowers at the Youngs Asian Massage Parlor in Acworth, Georgia. Photo: Curtis Compton / AP

“I have to choose between robbery / assault or being prosecuted and fined,” a woman named Julia told the organization. “I just want to keep myself safe, but I don’t know why I have to be punished.”

Despite sex workers and their allies warning about how their communities crack down, officials’ reaction to the Atlanta shootings was to drive more crackdowns. Wednesday, NYPD Presentation It will send police officers to the Asian community “with great care”. Last year, the city also Asian Hate Climb Task ForceMany have become afraid that strengthening police will lead to criminalization of other marginalized communities.

“The solution here is to not fund the police any further to start an anti-Asian task force to protect the workers in the massage parlors or to protect Chinatown,” Esther said. Told. “The solution here is to get out of the police altogether, actually reinvest in these labor issues, help women pay their rent, and get the Covid support they need when they’re not getting it now. is.”

When details about the victim’s identity were revealed, Ram agreed that the results should be the same regardless of their occupation.

“Not all massage parlor workers offer sexual services, but some do,” she said. “But whatever the service they provide, they deserve rights and security. They face layers of oppression.”

“Racism of a particular kind”: Shooting in Atlanta fuels fear of ideology against sex work | Atlanta

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