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Raiders look for 2nd straight post-Gruden win vs. Eagles – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-10-23 16:33:00 –

Las Vegas (AP) – The Las Vegas Raiders season was in danger of runaway as interim coach Rich Visatcha told the players to meet themselves after losing twice in a row and after Jon Gruden resigned.

Following the meeting in Denver last Saturday night, the next day he defeated Broncos, Raiders (4-2) returned to track at the AFC, and Sunday’s home game with the Philadelphia Eagles (2-4). I went to.

Quarterback Derek Carr said, “We are approaching through the madness of what you want to call what we have experienced.” “We are more united, something crazy happens, and the group of men is more united,” What do you know, we’re going to lock our arms even tighter. ” I think it’s beautiful to be able to say. … Hopefully it can carry us beyond just one victory. Hopefully it can carry us perfectly. “

The Raiders showed resilience when they united after Gruden suddenly resigned on October 11 due to an unpleasant email sent by Gruden before he was hired in 2018.

They put together the most complete games of the season, with the defense producing four takeouts and the car launching a major attack with two TDs with a 341-yard pass and a 34-24 victory.

There was also calm around the team

“Man, that was exactly what the side business was, it was as if I had no worries,” said Josh Jacobs. It was strange. It was as if everyone was calm and no one was cursing you or crazy about refs. None of them. Something bad happened, “OK, I’m not compelling it. Next play.”

Get off the field

The Eagles have the NFL’s third worst defense in the third down, and opponents can convert 46.2% in such situations. The third average distance down to Philadelphia was 6.6 yards.

“We’ve done a lot with our third shorts,” said defense coordinator Jonathan Gannon. How do you get a good third down defense? Get it to the third and longest. Well, to do that, you have to play pretty well in the first and second downs. … That really applies to me. When I call the game aggressively, if we call it aggressively, our team will perform. When it’s early down and aggressive (on), there’s a pretty good clip to get to where you want in the third down. “

Go deep

Carr did a good job last week with an average pass of 11.4 yards, the highest of the season, pushing the ball downfield. It contributed to seven pass-plays that won at least 25 yards. It’s the most in the game since at least 1991, as Henry Rags III, Brian Edwards and others have caught the fight for big play.

“These guys have proved over and over again that when I throw football at them, they compete for football,” Kerr said. As I said in the training camp, I will give these people a chance. I think we’ve proved that I’m going to give them a chance, and they get the most credibility either they come up with it or no one else. “

Slow start

The Eagles recorded four aggressive touchdowns in the first half of the season, 11 in the second half and seven in the fourth quarter. They recovered from a deficit of 15-6 in half-time to defeat Carolina 21-18 two weeks ago. Last week they returned from a 21-point deficit against Tampa Bay, but lost 28-22.

“We’re not consistent enough to win,” said quarterback Jalen Hurts. “That’s everything we can control, and that’s why we’re working hard this week. I know we have everything we need here. I believe. It’s just a matter of doing it, just getting out there and doing it. “

Hearts contradiction is part of the problem. He missed some open throws, especially long throws, but sometimes produces big play.

“Go back and look at the tape, mechanically talk about everything, including the basics, and then continue working to make him better,” said aggressive coordinator Shane Steichen.

Roll tide

The last Raiders game had the feel of Crimson Tide. All four Las Vegas TDs were scored by former Alabama players, Kenyan Drake scored two, and Jacobs and Rags each scored once.

This is the seventh time since the merger that three players from the same school have won a TD in the same game on one team.

“The last match, it felt like Alabama Raider’s Day,” Jacobs said.

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