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Rail district gets Colorado ready to build Front Range line – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-06-11 19:50:16 –

Pueblo, Colorado — Commuters and travelers in Colorado will not only be able to drive the I-25 up and down, but will soon be able to catch the train. This month, the state legislature passed a bill to create a new front-range passenger railroad district.

“If people are driving on the I-25 and the wreckage of a tractor trailer, it doesn’t matter how many lanes you have, it will crawl,” said Southwest Chief and Vice-Chair of Front Range. Salpaise said the Passenger Railroad Commission.

The committee was created by state legislators in 2017 to study options for creating passenger rail services. The new district must have the authority to build and operate its services.

Danaya Esger, leader of the House of Representatives in Pueblo, one of the bill’s sponsors, said:

For the past five years, commissioners have worked to put the state in an ideal position to benefit from federal infrastructure spending. President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan calls for $ 80 billion in rail expansion and improvement nationwide.

Amtrak leaders Announced multi-billion dollar network The April expansion plan stated that the front range rail project is at the top of the list as much of the environmental impact assessment and route coordination work has already been completed.

“The Colorado Front Range Corridor is the number one corridor on the US priority list because we laid a lot of foundation,” Pace said.

The district has the authority to raise taxes and borrow funds with the approval of voters to build and maintain the railway. Rep. Esger points out that the state is ready to receive federal funding when Congress approves it, simply by putting in place the governing structure.

“So if you can be at the forefront of this in Colorado, set up our district and get ready to go. When this money is available, and if so, we act swiftly on it. , You can finally achieve this, “she said.

The district will be run by an eight-appointed board of directors scheduled to be established by April next year. Members of the board are selected from the various regions where the railroad operates.

Rail district gets Colorado ready to build Front Range line Source link Rail district gets Colorado ready to build Front Range line

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