Rain clears east Thursday, blustery winds take over – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-10-27 18:56:44 –

The confirmed tornado landed in Reno County, southeast of Turron, late Tuesday night. Turron is a small town on Highway 61 between Hutchinson and Pratt.

The National Weather Service of Wichita conducted an investigation and found damage consistent with the EF-0 tornado with a maximum sustained wind speed of 80MPH.

The storm system that caused yesterday’s isolated stormy weather is moving east.

Part of the night will rain left further east of our sights. The additional rainfall is fairly low and bad weather is not expected.

The temperature cools overnight, but the east is cloudy and rainy, and the west is sunny and not too cold.

Expect overnight lows to drop into your 30s and 40s.

Rain showers scattered east of I-135 can occur from time to time throughout the day as the main axis of activity slowly slides east.

Wind is a major issue in wind recommendations that come into effect on Thursday. For the next 24 years, the wind will last between 20-40MPH. Gusts can easily exceed 50 mph!

The whole state is a fair game against such strong winds. When the storm system leaves the area, the sunshine returns from west to east. As a result, daytime maximum temperatures remain in the 1950s and 1960s.

Several storms may continue in the counties of Lyon, Greenwood, Elk and Chautauqua on Thursday evening before the storm system is wiped out of the area.

The wind weakens on Friday. The temperature in the northwest drops, and it gets more frost in the morning. The rest of the afternoon work gets cooler seasonally.

Temporary employees will try to bounce back this weekend ahead of the much stronger cold front. Humidity is not very high, but the effect of cold air is great. If this arrives early, the temperature of the trick or treater can reach 40 degrees by Sunday evening. Moisture may be squeezed out of this system early next week. Further north and west, you have the chance to see some snow flurries mix with the light rain on Mondays. Wichita remains rainy, but we all feel cold next week as temperatures are below average.

— Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman

Rain clears east Thursday, blustery winds take over Source link Rain clears east Thursday, blustery winds take over

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