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Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) – On Tuesday, May 24, Rainbow United, Inc. celebrated its 50th birthday.

During the event, five stakeholders placed a bill on a uniquely designed plainkeeper to commemorate the region’s more than 62,000 children and their families enabling the last 50 years. I did.

The bills were placed by:

  • Rainbows Founder: Lindaweir Enegren
  • Chairman: Community Volunteer Jim Walters
  • Rainbows teenager, Tanner Crum, 17 years old
  • Rainbows preschooler Taylor Cornelson, 4 years old
  • Rainbows Employees: Kerri Dixon, Prism Award Winners

The keeper was designed by the artist Delilah Reed. Her design included 50 special items representing Rainbow kids and programs, such as hearts, balls, and bugs. She painted 45 of those items on the keeper. A total of 50 with 5 bills. This event took place in her studio.

After the keeper has a special protective coating, it can be attached to the Rainbow’s Kids Point. 3223N OliverAnd added to the Parade Keeper’s Together Wichita map.

The celebration is not over yet. On Friday, June 24th, Rainbows will celebrate with the community, family, employees, and the Windsurge Stadium Board of Directors. At this event, families share success stories and employees reunite with their families. And most importantly, thank the donors and the community for their support.

father, Rainbow online store We are currently equipped with a new limited edition apparel to support this milestone.

This project was funded by a grant from Koch Industries.

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About Rainbows United Inc.

Rainbows was founded in 1972 as a developmental training center for children with severe multiple disabilities who are not covered by special needs services provided through public schools. Over time, special education through the public school system has improved.

Today, Rainbows continues to provide important services to young children in need of special needs throughout Sedgwick, Sumner and Butler County. These services include “specialized hearing and vision services, lifelong personal respite care, case management services, autism exemption services, supported family life, foster care for children with special needs,” Includes outpatient and therapeutic child care. Not only do they support children from birth to the age of 21, but they also support their families.

“When the storm of life threatens to wash away the smiles and laughter of children, when parents’ dreams for a bright future are clouded by the turmoil of the current crisis, and the systems installed to help us provide. Just look at the temporary shelter, the rainbow. Look at Rainbows United and discover how we can realize our potential. ” Rainbow website..

For more information on Rainbows United Inc., volunteer, make a donation, and purchase items from your wishlist. click here..

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