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Recently, all the rain has prepared us for mosquitoes, a lot of mosquitoes.

One of the best ways to get rid of these nasty insects is to eliminate the breeding grounds. There are many potential mosquito breeding grounds in your garden.

There are several ways you can get rid of mosquito breeding grounds around your garden or home and prevent these pests from ruining your outdoor enjoyment:

1. Discard the water that collects around your garden or house. The water column required for a mosquito to lay eggs and hatch eggs is about a quarter inch. Places where you can often find standing water include tire swings, children’s toys, trash can lids, wheelbarrows, and children’s pools.

2. Clean up the trash in the garden. Even small items such as bottle caps and cans can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

3. Regularly check for gutters. Gutters can be another hotspot for mosquito breeding. If the leaves collect in the gutters and clog the drainage system, stagnant water can accumulate.

4. Change the water in the bird bath. With less activity, this water can easily stagnate. Change the water at least once a week.

5. Get rid of garden debris: piles of leaves, cutouts of grass, piles of compost, and even thick vegetation make it a great place for mosquitoes to live.

6. Hire a specialist: If you can’t be sure that these pests breed and there is no place to breed, there are companies that can treat mosquitoes.

Rainy days mean mosquitoes ahead | Home/Garden Source link Rainy days mean mosquitoes ahead | Home/Garden

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