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Rally in Greenville calls for stopping gun violence – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2020-10-18 02:17:03 –

Greenville, South Carolina (WSPA)-Dozens of people flooded the city of Greenville on Saturday with a message against gun violence.

Families of victims of gun violence marched from Falls Park to the Peace Center and gave personal testimony of their experience of losing their loved ones.

Joy Richey was one of them.

Her son, Marquis Ritchie, was shot dead on June 8.

Joy Ritchie says he misses him every day, but marching in honor of him is her way of surviving Marquis’ legacy.

“I’m the voice of my son, my husband is the voice, his friend, his cousin,” Ritchie said. “We are here to stand up aloud. We are no longer silent about what is happening in this community.”

Saturday wasn’t just for Joy and her family.

Henri Pluit tells the same story.

“Some of me died that day, February 2, 2019,” Pruiett said.

His son Enrique Pruyette died at the age of 21, also a victim of gun violence in Greenville.

For Pluit, he says he will never be perfect, but he can connect with other parents who have traveled the same way.

“We have bonds that no other bond can,” said Pluit. “It’s sad to say that I had to lose my child to get closer as an individual, but that means it’s a pain you can’t explain.”

Some others sang, wrote and danced, hoping to bring awareness to this issue.

Some of these cases have not yet been resolved, and the victims’ families are asking them to come forward to see if you know anything about them.

If you have information about any of these open crimes, please contact your local law enforcement agency or crime stopper.

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