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Riverside, California 2021-10-22 09:26:17 –

A group of nuns from the Dominican sisters of Mary Immaculate Province participated in Game 1 of ALCS and’Stros won. So the sisters are back in Game 6!

Houston — If you had the time to call a big “nun”, now is the time!

NS Houston Astros Red Sox Friday ALCS game 6 And if they win this, the gang will return to the World Series.

During Game 1 of ALCS, there was a special guest at Minute Maid Park who covered Stroth in prayer.30 nuns from Mary Dominican Sisters in the Immaculate Conception Invited by Jim “Mattress Mac” McKinvale And the Astros beat the Red Sox 5-4. match? We don’t think so!

‘Stroth needs the same luck as trying to finish the ALCS series on Friday, so Mack recalled the’Rally Nun’.

“Dominican nuns, they were called” rally nuns “and we won, so there were a lot of Astros fans. Even people in the Astros organization ask me when the nuns will come back, “Mac said.

70 nuns and priests will be placed in the Coca-Cola Suite at Minute Maid Park in Game 6.One of the nuns may even throw the first pitch, Mattress Mack said. KHOU11 Reporter Shern-Min Chow..

“Going there is a big thrill for them,” Mack said. “I secured a bus because there are so many elderly people that I can’t walk, so I’ll drop you off in front of you. You can have a good time.”

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Like many in Houston, Mattress Mac wants the Astros to win and leave on Friday night.

If you want to participate in Game 6, you can participate, but please wear comfortable shoes. This is because Minute Maid has only standing seats.Move to Astros.com/postseason For SRO tickets, please call 877-9 ASTROS.

The game starts at 7:08 pm

Astros Street Fest It starts 3 hours before the game (that is, 4 pm) and requires a game ticket for fans to participate. Once inside, you’ll find live music and food trucks.

‘Rally Nuns’ invited to Minute Maid Park for Astros ALCS Game 6 Source link ‘Rally Nuns’ invited to Minute Maid Park for Astros ALCS Game 6

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