Ram fiddle with 2022 1500 classic option seats

Mopar Insider I took a peek In the 2022 Ram Early Order Guide 1500 ClassicFind a tweak to the list of options that feels like a response to a customer’s request. The basic show execution remains unchanged. Next year’s Classic is coming to Tradesman. Limited express, SLT, and Warlock. For some reason, SLT disappeared from the automaker’s online configurator at the time of writing, but this could be a temporary suspension due to a number of unusual situations currently occurring in the automotive industry. there is. But two years ago, Classic offered nine trims, so rationalization is nothing new to this line. Next year, regular cabs with 6’4 “or 8’beds, quad cabs with 6’4” beds, and crew cabs with 5’7 “or 6’4” beds will also be available.

The first new thing is a step up to Electronics Group’s Uconnect 5 on the same 8.4-inch touchscreen that you’ll see across RAM. Dodge, When Chrysler product. According to MI, the guide also shows Uconnect 4C NAV as a standalone option. At this time, this is an additional $ 795 only available on Warlock and requires a $ 795 Electronics Group. MI did not specify whether the other three trims would get the option and whether standalone really meant standalone. The only change we’ve found is the lack of mention of HD radio. Is this an early ordering guide? Shortage of chipsOr something else.

Currently excluded from the ordering guide is one handy item and one work item that Tradesman Classic buyers may miss. The first is a power sunroof, and I can’t find the $ 1,095 option anywhere. The second is the Ram Box storage system, which has become AWOL for $ 1,295.

We’ve added a few packages to get the most out of. truck When it’s time to hit the soil. 2021 Merchant Offers $745 Offload packages for some configurations to bundle Towing Hooks, front suspension skid plate, anti-spin rear differential, ultra-rugged rear shocks, 265 section all-terrain tires, 3.92 or 3.55 final drive. Next year, according to the guide, the package will pick up some of the items offered in the current generation of Lamb off-road packages, add a skid plate for the transfer case and raise the ride height, but how much? I don’t know, it’s a full-size spare tire, and I’m specifying Yokohama tires. Package cost is $840 With current RAM, the price of the classic could go up considering the additional gear.

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Ram fiddle with 2022 1500 classic option seats

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