Ramchandi Temple in Puri, Odisha

Ramchandi Temple in Puri, Odisha

Ramchandi’s beautiful temple dedicated to Goddess Ramchandi situated on the banks of Kusabhadra River having religious significance and the scenic beauty.

Five kilometers away from the holy city of Puri in Odisha lies the beautiful temple of Ramchandi. It is a wonderful spot and is situated on the banks of Kusabhadra River where it flows into the Bay of Bengal.

About the Ramchandi Temple

It is also a very famous picnic spot. Groups of people and families hoard here during winters. The temple is 7km away from the marine drive road from Puri to Konark, so reaching the spot is also very feasible. Local devotees visit the temple during the month of Ashwina in order to offer sacrifices or ‘bali’.

There are multiple notions about the presiding deity in the temple. Some say that the temple is dedicated to Goddess Ramchandi whereas others believe that the temple is dedicated to Mayadevi, the wife of the Sun God. The Chandi housed in this temple is believed to be the most benevolent Chandi of them all. All pious and graceful, the statue of the goddess looks very graceful.

From the architectural point of view this temple is not considered as a significant one. The temple doesn’t showcase extravagant architecture and style. It is simple and sober in its own way. But it is very distinguished from the religious point of view. The Ramchandi temple was constructed before the construction of the Konark temple.

Earlier the temple wasn’t very accessible but after the construction of the Marine drive, the temple has attracted a huge number of visitors. The religious significance and the scenic beauty has made this place a preferred picnic spot and a busy religious place.

Historical Background of the Ramchandi Temple

Like every temple in Odisha this temple too has a legend behind it. There exists a legend regarding the deity which is popular among the locals. During the 17th century a Hindu rebel named Kalapahad had vowed to destroy all temples of Hindu worship. He had converted to Islam. After destroying the Konark Temple he came to destroy this very temple. But when he reached here he found a maid at the entrance. It was actually Goddess Ramchandi disguised as a maid. She asked Kalapahad to wait at the entrance while she brings water from the river for the Goddess. Kalapahad waited for a very long time but lost his patience and finally entered the temple. To his surprise he saw that the deity was missing. So, he followed the maid in rage. When he reached the Kushabhadra River he found the statue of the goddess floating in the river. But he couldn’t retrieve the statue from the river. Then one night Goddess Ramachandi came in a priest’s dream and asked him to build a temple dedicated to her along the banks of the river. So, in this way the divine temple came into existence.

The Famous Ramchandi Beach

The Ramchandi beach is 7km away from Konark, Odisha. The beach is a picture perfect destination. It is named after the presiding deity of Konark, Goddess Ramchandi. On the confluence of The Kusabhadra River and the Bay of Bengal, the silvery sands of this beach glitter in the sunlight.

Tourists can avail hotels in Puri itself and go on a road trip to Ramchandi. The beach is isolated and unspoilt. Thus it is very popular among couples too. The beach and the temple are well connected by road to Puri and Bhubaneswar. The spirituality and scenic beauty of the place is every traveler’s dream.

Vaagisha Singh

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