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Here are the best moments and weird skits from the episode of Rami Malek.

Rami Malek hosted “Saturday Night Live”. NBC

Rami Malek showed him can Let’s get interesting with the episode of “Saturday Night Live” last night. The Oscar-winning actor who joined the cast to promote James Bond’s new movie, No Time to Die, has never had the opportunity to show off his humorous side. However, he tested and passed his comedy skills.

Marek, the television show “Mr. Robot” and the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” are known for his off-quilter performance and authentic impression, which was seamlessly translated into an awkward and eccentric comedy. His performance was quite different from previous hosts this season, but last night’s show proved that SNL casts and writers could adapt well to highlight the strengths of each host.

Here are the best moments and weird skits from the episode of Rami Malek’s “Saturday Night Live”.

Cold open

The country’s eyes were once again on the NFL — this time in the wake of Jon Gruden’s email scandal — and SNL tackled it head-on. The writers gave a slur’s ridiculous excuse in his email, saying, “I was burned by AutoCorrect,” about how well the scandal wasn’t handled and how empty Gruden’s apology was. I took.

“I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I intended to hurt them secretly and behind them,” he said, which may have been taken directly from Gruden’s actual press conference. During the skit, Mike is continuously passed on to the franchise and various people in the NFL. For example, Larry Lacquer quickly resigns because “they just found my email and it’s very bad.”

In the end, Raider promised to “go higher.” This can make sense both inside and outside the field.

Open the monologue

Marek is best known for his serious and dramatic role, so it was refreshing to see him relax and joking for change. He shouted “Cruella, Maleficent, Bambi” to all the great villains in the film industry. He said he was always sympathetic to the villains and didn’t think they had enough respect. At least someone feels bad for them.

But, as Marek points out, ironically he suffers from a “resting villain’s face” with big, staring eyes, so it makes sense for him to play a villain rather than a hero. increase.

Marek also shouted to his parents, who emigrated from Egypt to California, and his sister and twin brothers, who Marek promised to replace him in one skit, but I don’t know which one.


Marek was the most brilliant Todd, the “next big thing in dance” who shared the stage with international musician Angelo. When the pair asked the audience (including Marek’s No Time to Die co-star Daniel Craig) for words and sang and danced them, they created a completely bizarre and wacky dream team. But most of the time it was the wrong word.

Marek fits in with his strange and eccentric personality, given his unique appearance and awkward height. He was able to devote himself to his strengths as an actor and was completely successful in this kind of nasty comedy.

Although he couldn’t see Marek actually dancing, he shook his bare arms and shook the colorful ribbons, distracting the audience from expecting a luxurious dance performance.

Squid game

The most popular show today was “Squid Game,” which was SNL’s main target last night. The dark and thankfully fictional series depicts a reality show game where you die if you lose a challenge. Marek and Pete Davidson’s SNL Dream Team acted as two poor peasants. Their last hope was to attend the show.

The show’s premise was ridiculous, and the SNL cast took the time to express it. The best moment of skit was a deadly game of red light and green light. In this game, an eerie giant robot doll pauses the music each time it looks back and says “red light,” and then dares to blow up a moving person.

In the end, Davidson kicked Marek off the glass bridge and took the money home — too bad for Farmer Marek.

Celebrity school game show

Marek won the Oscar in 2019 for leaving the impression of Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody”. He should have earned a second with Pete Davidson’s impression of this episode of the “Celebrity School Game Show.” In the “Are You Smarter Than 5th Grade” parody, you’ll find Marek playing Davidson and Davidson playing Marek. This is a genius and interesting exchange.

Marek nailed Davidson’s accent to his word slur — and Davidson’s rounded performance drew laughter from the live crowd. Their joke was a spot throughout the skit.

Other solid impressions from this skit include George Takei, Lil Wayne, Adam Driver, Kristen Wiig and Jennifer Coolidge.

Rami Malek shows off funny side as SNL host on NBC Source link Rami Malek shows off funny side as SNL host on NBC

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