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Brockton, Massachusetts (WHDH)-Brockton High School has increased security in the wake of two recent gun horrors, but a new screening process has long waited for students to enter the classroom on Monday. rice field.

Authorities are implementing walk-through metal detectors as part of enhanced safety measures.

A spokesman for Brockton Public School used to use portable detectors, but found walkthrough detectors to be more efficient.

Some students said they had to wait hours outside school to go through the screening process.

“It makes me feel a little safer, but at the same time it’s annoying because you’re losing class time and so on,” said student Joel Pires.

Many say that there are concerns about longer waiting times as bad weather continues.

“Put them in the auditorium and in the gym,” suggested parent Heather De Rosa. “Do something to keep them somewhat comfortable.”

A spokesman added that students can now only bring bags that are the same size or smaller than the district laptop. Students who brought regular school bags were warned not to take them home on Tuesday.

You also have to drop the sports bag in the gymnasium and the musical instruments in the art building before school.

“It’s sad, but the kids have to be safe,” said parent Lisa Diaz. “Children shouldn’t have to worry about going to school and being shot, or because someone has a gun or something.”

“I want to thank the students for their incredible patience this morning when the high school started new safety measures,” the school district wrote on Twitter. “Like any new process, we get better and more efficient every day.”

On Friday, the school issued a shelter-in-place order after managers said they were aware. Snapchat photo showing student in magazine clip In his waistband.

School officials allegedly separated the student from the class and admitted that he took a picture in September and posted it on Friday morning.

He will be held criminally liable and will face school disciplinary action.

October 8th, another student Arrested for bringing a gun to high school, It also prompted orders for shelter-in-place.

Some students said they understand why guns are on the streets and in halls.

“There’s something crazy crazy happening in Brockton,” said student Nalyiah Pires. “So they feel they need protection, so I think it’s okay to have a gun.”

The high school welcomed a new principal on Monday.

Cynthia Burns returned to high school after serving as principal at the Keith Center since 2015.

Formerly the Dean of the Azure Building, she has worked in the area for 24 years, first as a history teacher and later as an administrator.

Burns will meet with staff and students over the next few weeks.

“I, like you, are terribly disappointed with what happened at BHS from the beginning of the school year and want to be very clear. The harmful behavior of some students is doing the right thing. I don’t allow thousands of students to distract or cause fear, “she said. “Make it sloppy.”

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Ramped up security measures at Brockton High School has students waiting in long lines – Boston News, Weather, Sports Source link Ramped up security measures at Brockton High School has students waiting in long lines – Boston News, Weather, Sports

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