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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-12-02 23:40:08 –

Jaylen Ramsie has been intercepting three times this season and can rest assured that when the Los Angeles Rams host the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, an outstanding cornerback will want to add to that count.

A 27-year-old veteran will look good on the 36th Rams (7-4) when he first faces the club in front of him.

Ramsey’s antiques often topped the game for more than three seasons with Jaguar, and things got ugly when he clashed with then-coach Dagmarone at the beginning of the 2019 season. He demanded trade and repeatedly criticized the franchise until Jacksonville handed him out to Rams in mid-October.

He was elected twice in the Jaguars Pro Bowl and added two more Pro Bowl appearances to Rams’ resume. Urban Meyer, Jacksonville’s first-year coach, isn’t surprised to see Ramsey’s movie.

“You know I want him,” Meyer said. “When he left here, I didn’t seem to track it so closely, but I see what I saw on the’What’s in the World?’Videotape.”

More than two years later, Ramsey says he has no strong feelings for Jaguar.

“Just because I am truly grateful for my time there and the whole experience there,” Ramsey said Thursday. “It was a part of my life I needed and I thanked it. I experienced there today to make me a better person. I am even more thankful for today’s situation. I am grateful for that part of the trip. “

Ramsey’s journey leads to a match against the Jacksonville team, who is having a hard time putting points on the board.

The Jaguars (2-9) lost four of the last five games, including the last three, averaging 11.4 points. Jacksonville is ranked 31st in attack scores with 15.7 points per game.

Meyer said the team will switch to a faster uptempo style that pleases quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Pick, who was number one in the overall draft, threw three touchdown passes in his NFL debut against the Houston Texans on September 12, but hasn’t thrown more than once in the game since then.

In fact, Lawrence’s touchdown pass, which he lost to the Atlanta Falcons 21-14 last Sunday, was his first pass since October 31st.

“We’ve been a bit aggressively stagnant in the last few weeks,” Lawrence told reporters. “We had some good belongings here and there, but it’s not as consistent as we want. Last week was the first game of a few weeks we really got into the tide, I really felt it felt good. “

The defeat to Atlanta was the 15th straight win over the Jaguars NFC team. Their last such victory was against the New York Giants 20-15 in the first week of the 2018 season.

Rams has its own problem of three straight setbacks. Los Angeles averaged 31.7 points in defeat and scored less than 16 points in two games.

“I still got all the money in this Rams rush,” said Los Angeles outside the linebacker Von Miller. “I’m really excited to see what we’re going to do in the future. We have six games left.”

Rams fell to the Green Bay Packers 36-28 last Sunday and dragged 19 after three-quarters. Los Angeles coach Sean McVay said he overlooked the football side when investigating what happened during the skid.

“These things offer a rare opportunity to really learn about people, and you are even more grateful to them the way we entered today,” McBay said Wednesday.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford threw only four games in the first eight games and then five intercepts during the slide. Stafford threw three touchdown passes against the Green Bay, raising the season count to 27 and finishing second in the NFL.

The Rams are a complementary option behind Star Coup Park, where Odell Beckham Jr. is familiar with the attack, leading the NFL with 92 receptions and 1,237 yards, and leading the league with 10 touchdowns. I am working to become.

Beckham (hips) was restricted during Wednesday practice. Darrell Henderson Jr. (thigh) and cornerback David Long Jr. (non-COVID disease) running back left their seats.

As for Jacksonville, linebacker Myles Jack (knees) and cornerback Shaquill Griffin (concussion) were among the five players sitting.

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Rams’ Jalen Ramsey to face Jags, whom he couldn’t wait to leave Source link Rams’ Jalen Ramsey to face Jags, whom he couldn’t wait to leave

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