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WIf Rams sent the rest of his future assets to Broncos a month ago Acquire Von Miller, They enrolled in the most spectacular NFL experiment: what would it look like? If the team really goes all-in?? What if they stop worrying about tomorrow?

The ideal result was clear. Miller has redefined Rams’ defenses, allowing them to create all sorts of pressure on the four defensive fronts. Combine it with Sean McVay, Matthew Stafford, and all-singing, all-dancing offenses to create a playoff-ready jaguar note.

or not. Rams lost three games in a spin. They have created craters in their defense, dropping from 4th place in defense efficiency in the 8th week to 19th place at the end of play on Sunday.

Worse: The attack fell into a ditch. Throughout his career, Aaron Rodgers has thrown three pick sixs. Matthew Stafford has thrown three in the last three weeks.

To make matters worse, the entire tenor of the team is, well, funky.

They bought Miller at the deadline, so it’s not fast enough to defend. Stars that cannot be covered due to lack of depth across linebackers and secondary. Despite being lined up with Aaron Donald, Leonard Floyd and Miller against the Packers’ attack lines added on Sunday (starting center, left guard, 3rd string left tackle), they couldn’t record consistent pressure. bottom. ..

Rams’ experiment was more about star hunting for defense than anything else. Together with Donald, Miller and Jaylen Ramsey, Rams considered the defensive odds to be in his favor. Defense is not as stable as attack – yearly or weekly –. But if you can land three of the ten most important defenders of your generation, everything is still prime and the odds are good. Offenses may be able to plan one of these three from the game, but at least in theory, not all.

But a good defense is the lack of sight. If aggressive production is driven by its star power, and if so, defense is driven by the 11th best male ability in the field. Good crimes will always find weaknesses in defense. And now Rams’ defense is exhausted on Sundays (and Mondays and Thursdays), with two or three sub-par players per snap. Over the last three weeks, they have abandoned an average of 31 points in the game.

It’s just as tough on attacks. Fun and Guns Early Stafford-The McBay era gave way to the enchanting pedestrian attacks marshalled by the real Matthew Stafford ™. This is the person Stafford has always been with. No one should be shocked. Several times a year, thanks to his strength, determination and willingness to push the ball into a tight window, he will win the game with almost one hand. Several times a year, that same Moxy means he gets the game done with a brutal turnover.

Rams’ greatest hope for coming this year was that McBay’s call for play and tactical acuity could limit some of Stafford’s dispersal, or at least reduce some of its impact. .. Early on, it worked. Not so much these days.

Stafford has proven that McBay’s attacks can be pushed up to levels not possible with Jared Goff and other quarterbacks adjacent to Goff. But as the season progressed, he returned to some of his worst instincts. He also happened to be beaten. ESPN’s Dianna Russini Report before the match “We are dealing with throwing arm, elbow, ankle pain and chronic back pain,” Stafford said.

The effects of those injuries are difficult to measure. But beyond the injury of recipient Robert Woods, it’s clear that there’s something wrong with Rams’ attack. Stafford wasn’t as smooth as it was at the beginning of the year. There is no team run game. Everything needs extra beats to unfold. Rams doesn’t have the talent for aggressive lines to enable that beat on a regular basis. If the flashy indicator is yours, Rams is ranked 21st by passing the EPA since the 7th week, which is a measure of team down-to-down efficiency.

And there is the issue of all-in strategy. The entire house of the card is in danger of collapsing as the receiver actually hurts his knees, the quarterback’s persistent back pain burns at the wrong time, and the left tackle, which is about 40 years old, begins to squeak. Or your exaggerated defense strategy produces no consequences. In the doomsday scenario, all four hit at the same time.

Rams still has the qualities of a team that can ignite in one fell swoop. In a year without serious competitors, they have the talent to compete with anyone. However, there are many issues to fix before the playoffs and there is not enough time to find the right answer.

This week’s video

If you need a video that summarizes what it means to play in NFL, please:

Yes, you saw that right. It’s a beater bear’s tooth that pops out of his head in the middle of the game. Vea quickly took a walk along the sideline and was ready to play the next snap. Bruce Arians, director of Bucks, best described the atmosphere, even if his numbers were a little off. He has 30 others. “

This Week’s MVP

Joe Mixon celebrates one of his two touchdowns on Sunday. Photo: Aaron Doster / AP

Joe Mixon, RB, Cincinnati Bengals. Bengals handed the ball to Mixon 8 Team opening touchdown drive time for the Steelers. It was an expression of intention. Cincy continued to look for creative ways to fly Mixon to the ground and air. He finished the day with 163 universal yards and 32 touches and 2 touchdowns. Thirty-two!

Maintaining the pace ended in a Steelers attack. With the fossilized Ben Roethlisberger and an aggressive system that wasn’t tuned to create chunkyards, they didn’t have a chance.Bengalis Ran out of 41-10 winners..

This week’s statistics

Five. This is the number of rush touchdowns by Deebo Samuel, the receiver of the Nainers, this season, surpassing Dalvin Cook, Christian McCaffrey, Aaron Jones, Alvin Kamara, David Montgomery and Sake One Berkeley.

He may be the best offensive weapon in the NFL so far. Samuel is moving at a pace to become the first player to win a total of over 1,500 yards of receive yards and 300 yards of rush yards during the season. While Jimmy Garoppolo was in command, the Nainers attack was a scrutiny. However, Samuel brings an element of electricity to the otherwise awkward unit.

This week’s quote

“I think Bill Belichick did the best coaching job of his entire career this season.” – Belichick, Mac Jones, New England Patriots Rex Ryan.

The Patriots play the best all-round football of any team in the league.they I hose Titans 36-13 on Sunday, Flashes in all three phases of the game. It wasn’t perfect, but it’s rarely seen in the Patriots these days. It’s about limiting mistakes, and then hopes that Defense and Mac Jones can play some game-changing plays to block the victory.

Stepping up on Sunday was Belichick’s receiver, with both Kendrick Bourne and Jacobi Myers pulling another world’s grabs to rescue the attack from some nasty down-and-distance situations.

After defeating the Titans, the Patriots will continue to compete for AFC’s No. 1 seed. Doing it in a rookie quarterback in the same department as the loaded building certainly represents one of Belichick’s best achievements.

Elsewhere in the league

―――― The dolphin secretly picked up something important 33-10 wins over Panthers.. Suddenly, Miami is 5-7, with the Giants and Jets coming next. Both games are at home. The team’s defenses were great for most of the month, and Tua Tagovailoa and the attacks began to take some form. It’s quite possible that dolphins will head to New Orleans for Monday Night Football in a wild card mix at 7-7 hours of the two weeks. It was such a season.

-Lamar Jackson has given up some touching play in Sunday Night Football, but he has also given up on four intercepts.Browns couldn’t take advantage of these opportunities, They fell to 16-10 defeat.. Baker Mayfield has received a lot of criticism, but what disappointed them was Cleveland’s usually good running game, averaging just over two yards per rush.

-It was a tough day for Come Newton and the Panthers. Carolina sent Newton to the bench in the fourth quarter and the match was almost lost. Newton completed only 5 out of 21 pass attempts, threw 2 pass cuts, and made that effort somewhere in the 10 territory-Newton’s classic. Newton has been fine since returning to the Panthers, which is something he and the team will soon forget.

-I need to talk about Darius Leonard in Colts. Middle linebackers rarely act as walking turnover creation machines.But Leonard forced another Fumble recovery with Peanut Tillman style punchout Against Bucc. Leonard has had 15 forced fumbles since he joined the league in 2018. This is the league’s best pass rusher and second only to TJ Watt (19), who has the convenient advantage of opening up sack fumble opportunities. Leonard turned forced sales into a form of art.

— Everything isn’t working in Minnesota. Head coaches Mike Zimmer and Kirk Cousins ​​argued last week about how aggressive the quarterback should be. Zimmer wants quarterbacks to increase it. Above all, a cousin who sticks to the efficiency mantra.Next, in a one-score game, a cousin in the second half of the fourth quarter Lined up behind the right guard Try to snap to the 4th and goal. The Vikings were forced to take a time-out. When he finally realized that his cousin was in the right place, he took a snap and fired it four down over Justin Jefferson’s head, sealing the Nainers a 34-26 defeat. The Vikings are currently 5-6 and the match between the Packers and the Rams is still planned.

-It was a day to forget Jalen Reagor, the receiver of Philadelphia. He dropped two potential touchdown passes at the last moment of the Eagles-Giants game. The touchdown would have been enough to bring the Eagles to a one-point victory.Instead, the Giants I got a victory of 13-7..

Rams traded off tomorrow.Unfortunately, it’s not too hot today | Los Angeles Rams

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