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Omaha, Nebraska 2021-11-20 07:00:00 –

Proceedings piled up within a week of the deadly crowd being crushed at an Astroworld concert, and legal experts turned the jury into the company behind the tragic events of rapper Travis Scott and Houston. He states that the risk of making decisions is increasing.

Several legal experts have provided the Associated Press with a history in which Scott’s instigation of past concert attendees could facilitate the pursuit of negligence claims against the company that planned and managed the show, killing eight people. Hundreds of people were injured. Investigations are just beginning, but experts expect more dozens more proceedings seeking damages that could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars.

At the heart of the legal turmoil is Scott, a 30-year-old rapper famous for whipping fans into a frenzy convicted of misdemeanors associated with agitating the crowd at a previous concert.

“This is something everyone has noticed,’this has happened, and there’s no reason it won’t happen again,'” said John Werner, a lawyer in Beaumont, Texas, who wasn’t involved in the Astroworld proceedings. “They know that this is a situation that can get out of hand.”

“This tragedy was months, if not years,” in a lawsuit demanding more than $ 1 million from a man trampled by Mele, Houston lawyer Steve Kirker said in the history of rappers. He said it was “predictable and preventable” given that.

To date, more than 12 proceedings have been filed against Scott and several companies, including entertainment giant Live Nation, concert promoter Scoremore, and a nonprofit organization that manages Houston-owned venues. .. The complaint was that the organizers were unable to take simple crowd control measures, staffed appropriately, and were unable to address the initial signs of the problem at a sold-out concert at NRG Park that attracted 50,000 fans. Insist.

Attorney Tony Busby announced last week that he was suing on behalf of three dozen victims. I have. ” Includes 21-year-old Axel Acosta who died.

Buzbee’s press conference took place directly in public opinion court, in the tone of the opening statement with slides and video clips.

He and other lawyers got early clues to the problem that occurred when a large number of fans passed through the fence and guards and metal detectors hours before the concert began.

“The security they had was completely inadequate,” said former federal prosecutor Philip Hilder, a Houston lawyer who was not involved in the Astroworld proceedings. “The crowd quickly passed through.”

Hilder also criticized the 56-page planning document for the event submitted to the city for approval. He said the plan was a “boilerplate”, with too few details about the safety of the parking lot where the performance took place, no seats or aisles, and no pen to accommodate the crowd.

Rapper’s Rowdy Past Raises Red Flags in Astroworld Suits Source link Rapper’s Rowdy Past Raises Red Flags in Astroworld Suits

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