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One game doesn’t make a season, not because of Ravens or its aggressive tackles.

Las Vegas Raiders edge rushers Maxx Crosby, Karl Nashib, and former Raven Yannick Gacoue put consistent pressure on Lamar Jackson, and the first week didn’t go as planned by Alejandro Villanueva and Ronnie Stanley. Crosby spent a big night with 13 pressures and 4 quarterback hits, using his speed and power to defeat Villanueva.

It was a difficult situation for Baltimore’s aggressive efforts. Stanley played his first regular season match since his ankle injury at the end of the season in November. A career left tackle at the Pittsburgh Steelers, Villanueva made his first start in Baltimore with a right tackle and took on a difficult task with his debut.

Head coach John Harbaugh said he was confident that veterans would shake off Monday night while Villanueva’s performance was being analyzed on social media.

“I’m not very interested in such conversations,” Harbo said. “We come out and strive to get better. He moves his ass to get better. He will play very well for us.”

Villanueva is a two-time professional bowler with 91 career starts, and Stanley is an all-pro left tackle who has successfully protected Jackson’s blindside for three seasons. Jackson has expressed confidence in the entire line of attack, a unit that has undergone major changes. Stanley was the only return starter playing in the same position as last season, and the new starting left guard Tire Phillips suffered a knee injury on Monday night and sent him to the injured list.

“I’m very confident in my guys,” Jackson said. “Everyone makes mistakes. I made two mistakes. That’s what happens. Not all games are perfect. It’s the first week. I lost. I’m not blown away. It happened. They are certainly good. “”

Ravens can share the load on their running back

Ty’Son Williams came out of the roaring gate at his debut, finishing at 64 yards with nine carries, including the decisive 35-yard touchdown run that Ravens started running and opened the game score.

However, Latavius ​​Murray also performed well in the second half, scoring an eight-yard run and finishing one carry (10 carries, 29 yards) more than Williams, who had only two carries in the second half.

Harbo said he was pleased with the performance of both backs and said Levion Bell could be activated by the practice team in a Sunday night match against Kansas City Chiefs. Devonta Freeman is another proven in a practice team that can participate in rotation.

“There are four good guys here. They all will play a big role in what we’re doing,” Harbo asks why Williams had few carry in the second half. Was done.

“I’m excited to have four guys. I think the fact that they were available when they got injured is very fortunate for us. So it’s big. They are good players. And they will go. To play well. “

Jackson says Mark Andrews had triple cover

Mark Andrews was supposed to catch a ball that was often thrown during overtime, knocked out of his hand, with only three catches at 20 yards in the first week. However, Andrews was only targeted five times, mainly because Jackson said that the Raiders used heavy coverage to surround Andrews.

Jackson said Ravens had to find more ways to release one of his favorite targets.

“Three people were defending Mark Andrews,” Jackson said. “Huh? Since they learned about the contract (Andrews’ contract extension)?”

“We’re going to mark that ball. We need to mark that ball. He’s a dynamic player, he makes my job much easier. Probably three of him Not-I’m probably going to go someone else-But because it’s my guy, I’m going to try it. “

Raiders welcomed Jackson in the first week with a physical hit

After playing only one series in the preseason, Jackson made some hard hits in the game on Monday, despite being one of the most elusive players in the league. He landed hard on his shoulder and hit his head from Nate Hobbes in a 28-yard run in the fourth quarter.

It’s hard for Ravens fans to hold their breath when Jackson is throbbing, but he hit with a stride.

“That was my real first game, and I needed that contact,” Jackson said. “I had to feel those hits. It wasn’t a hit on my head, it sometimes fell on my shoulder, but sometimes I had to hit. That’s it. Hopefully this season is already over. It won’t be like that. “”

Jackson also said he would refocus on ball security after two fumbles.

“I was trying to do something,” he said. “It’s part of football and we’re trying to make a play, but that’s the main focus and it’s about never happening again.”

Marlon Humphrey regrets one hit against Raiders

Ravens is proud to play clean and physical football, but the Raiders reportedly complained about several hits made on Monday night at hunter Renflow, a wide receiver.

Marlon Humphrey, the cornerback of the Pro Bowl, owned up to one hit he wanted to rewind, but the action moves faster during the fight.

“I hit Hunter Renflow shortly after play,” Humphrey said. “I thought Derek Carr was out of my pocket. I apologized to him on the field, but yes, it was a play I wish I could get back.”

Vic Tafur of The Athletic reported that Renfrow wasn’t complaining.

Humphrey talks about his potential interception he didn’t notice

Humphrey was directly involved in one of the weirdest plays seen on Monday night.

When he broke the pass for Darren Waller, both players rolled to the ground and the ball was pinched between the two players. It seemed that the ball never hit the ground before Humphrey controlled the ball, but he was unaware that it was a potential interception and no official judged the pass to be incomplete.

Humphrey got up to celebrate breaking the pass and dropped the ball from his hand to the ground.

“I never knew I was playing soccer, but yes, that would have been good,” Humphrey said. “I think it’s a bit late to celebrate, probably because it was the easiest interception ever.”

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