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Baltimore Ravens had an explosive vision of play when they chose former Oklahoma wide receiver Marquis “Hollywood” Brown for their 25th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Road runners like the Receiver had a leg injury at the time, but Ravens was happy to wait for him to recover and become a playmaker to attack with Lamar Jackson.

After a rehab process, Brown made his debut against the Miami Dolphins in the opening round of the season. He recorded four receptions, 147 receive yards and two touchdowns. Despite playing only 14 snaps, Brown became the first player in NFL history to win two touchdowns of 40 yards or more in the first game.

Brown went on to finish 46 receptions at 584 yards, recording seven touchdowns. He provided the deep threat that Baltimore needed for their attacks, and Jackson won the League MVP.

Ravens expected it to be carried over last year when the season began. Brown reported camping with a significantly built physique that would allow him to withstand the wear associated with playing the game.

Brown defeated the Cleveland Browns 38-6 and recorded five 101-yard receptions to start the season. He seemed to resume from where he left off.

Ravens has 10 games in the season and Brown has 32 catches and 2 touchdowns at 431 yards. The most frustrating moment for Brown was his match against the Pittsburgh Steelers on November 1st, when he caught only one 3-yard pass with a 28-24 defeat.

When Brown posted a tweet on social media after the match, he complained, “What does it mean to have Soulja when you never use it!” Due to his lack of involvement in crime. Ravens head coach John Harbo spoke to Brown and the post was removed. But his lack of involvement continues. Brown has only caught 5 passes in the last two games and has won 52 yards.

When Harbo was asked about Dynamic Playmaker on Monday, he was asked about Brown’s involvement and what he was trying to ensure contact with.

“We don’t try to give the ball to anyone. You try to create a play where you can for what you see, and the game plays,” explains Harbo. Did. “You are interviewed and everyone will be open or they will not be open. Quarterbacks can see it, or when they are open he can’t see it — Protected or where his reading takes him. The ball is thrown well or not. It gets caught or doesn’t get caught, that’s how it works. “

Brown is at the top of the defense, so it’s important to get involved. Ravens loves to play football, so letting players present the threat of backing up defenders gives them space for Jackson and running backs.

The big play that Brown makes also energizes the other members of the team. After Ravens announced on Monday afternoon, November 16th, that’s what Ravens needs. Fans will not be able to participate in the match against the Tennessee Titans at the M & T Bank Stadium on Sunday, November 22nd, due to the surge in COVID-19 conditions. Maryland.

“We can’t recreate the energy and passion that Ravens fans provide in the stadium on match days,” said a Ravens official. It’s great to hear a roar from a packed house at M & T Bank Stadium on the day of the match. That doesn’t happen when the Ravens are hosting the Tennessee Titans, so some big play from Brown could give the team even more boost.

Ravens need Marquise “Hollywwod’ Brown to reclaim playmaking role in their offense | The Baltimore Times Online Newspaper Source link Ravens need Marquise “Hollywwod’ Brown to reclaim playmaking role in their offense | The Baltimore Times Online Newspaper

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