Rayshard Brooks’ estate sues City of Atlanta and APD officers – Atlanta, Georgia

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Taken from a body camera video provided by Atlanta police, this screen grab shows Rayshard Brooks talking to Officer Garrett Rolf in the parking lot of Wendy’s Restaurant in Atlanta late Friday, June 12, 2020. increase. (Atlanta Police via AP)

The 27-year-old Killing of Rayshard Brooks widow is suing the city of Atlanta and its officers for his death. His wife, Tomeka Miller, said the shootings in the proceedings on behalf of Brooks’ estate were “meaningless and unjust.” In addition, the proceedings state that officers did not provide the necessary medical procedures that Brooks needed.

Officers Garrett Rolf and Devin Brosnan were nominated in Miller’s proceedings. She claimed that Brosnan threatened Brooks with a taser without completing the required taser certification course. Rolf was charged with a Brooks shooting.

The proceedings also suggested that the city of Atlanta did not force police stations to adhere to proper training, and that there was a lack of police supervision.

According to the document, Miller also says Brooks turned his back on the police and began to flee after being tasted. Rolf chased him and fired three bullets from his gun. Ground.

“I know you’re just doing your job,” Brooks told one of the officers about 40 minutes after the encounter when he agreed with a breath test. After he took the exam, police officers tried to handcuff Brooks and he tried to escape — resulting in a struggle that ended with his death on June 13, 2020.

Shortly after his death, then Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields, who joined the department as a beat officer in 1995, resigned as chief for nearly four years. In a statement, Shields called on Atlanta to “go ahead and build trust between law enforcement agencies and the communities in which they serve.”

In the 15 months that passed, Rolf Accidentally terminated, According to a decision of the Atlanta Civil Service Commission.

Atlanta police said in a statement: “It is important to note that the CSB did not make a decision as to whether Police Officer Rolf violated the policies of the Atlanta Police Department. In light of the CSB’s decision, the APD will determine if additional investigative action is needed. We will carry out an evaluation to do so. “

The APD said the decision simply stated that the firing process was “not done in accordance with Atlanta city law.”

In August 2021, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr appointed Pete Skandaracis as acting district attorney to prosecute the Killing of Rayshards case. Skandalakis is the third district attorney to prosecute the proceedings, following former Fulton County DA Paul Howard and now DA Fani Willis.

Rayshard Brooks’ estate sues City of Atlanta and APD officers Source link Rayshard Brooks’ estate sues City of Atlanta and APD officers

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