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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-09-08 19:15:57 –

Most rappers don’t tell their truth on vinyl. Again, most rappers have less story than Raze.

Great songwriting is based on a well-lived life, and Milwaukee hip-hop veterans have seen some wild days.It’s a good omen Norris, His recently released autobiographical album. Where rappers can be expected to quickly create a revisionist history for their story, nothing is clearly exaggerated or manufactured for the staggering 23-track release. In fact, listening to the opening prologue will give you an accurate picture of the direction of the album within 3 minutes.

The movie-like treatment is certainly for making an album with this much content. From the deeply personal story of growing up in a broken situation on the north side of Milwaukee to becoming an arrogant and arrogant host in search of an escape for the next adult, there are no stones left on the album. It’s the type of soul-carrying material you’d think even the toughest rappers can make you feel a little hesitant about getting out into the world. Not surprisingly, there were some concerns, but in the end it was a carefree approach to the tape named Raze.

“This is the most non-apological Raze available, of all I’ve ever put out,” he explained. “That said, are you a little nervous? Yeah. Especially since I was a kid, there are many trips that follow the path of memory that has been difficult to recognize and revisit. But be honest. I wasn’t always proud of it, and I was involved in a lot of it. It was a big part of the album’s reflection process. “

Again, delicacy wasn’t about Raze. From the early days of making music with the underground crew called Mayhem Music Entertainment, and later from a stint at the superhero-themed supergroup House of M, the moderator wore his heart and thoughts on his sleeves. It is known to be. Subsequent independent efforts, along with the presence of candid social media, have shown that children’s gloves do not have to treat the world, especially if the world did not do the same in return for the raise.

“I can tell these stories, and I can make this big old piece of” woe is me “, but I don’t want to make myself a kind of fake victim I did, “Raise said. “Records have a lot of fun, but there are also a lot of painful truths.”

At its core, this album tells a story of growth and evolution. Lyrical content aside Norris It’s still shining, driven by self-production from a rapper who incorporates movie and TV samples. It creates the underlying story about what subliminally shapes adolescents, whether intentional or not. The production of the album puts you in Raze’s shoes at the epicenter of a world that looks gritty, cold, or vibrant and soulful, from one day to the next. One thing is certain Norris It provides Raze with a platform that exposes everything.

“I just wanted to do something I hadn’t really explored before. It’s a really biographical album,” Raze explained. “I have so many different experiences in my life that I shared a lot through music, but what really gave me a real, intimate,” coming to my world “type of perspective. is not. I didn’t expect it to be so special. “

Norris Available on Bandcamp today.

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