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“Today is about the future.”

Governor Charlie Baker signing the bill in October.
Joshua Qualls / Governor’s Press Office

Two terms later, Governor Charlie Baker will resign as Governor of Massachusetts.

Baker and Vice Governor Karyn Polito Announced on Wednesday morning Neither ran for governor in 2022, followed by widespread governor elections.

The Republican duo wrote in a long letter to its supporters, citing the need to focus on recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the desire to spend more time with the family.

Read the full letter below:

To our friends and colleagues –

After discussing with my family for a few months, I decided not to ask for reelection in 2022. This was a very difficult decision for us. We love this job, especially the people of this wonderful federal. Serving as Governor and Deputy Governor of Massachusetts has been the most challenging and fulfilling task to date. We are forever grateful to the people of this state for giving us this great honor.

We have all experienced very difficult pandemics. Next year is as important as last year, but less important. We have a lot to do to boost our pandemic, send our children to school, and keep our communities and economies moving forward. The work should and should not be about politics and the next election. If we run, it will be a distraction that can get in the way of many things we have to work on for everyone in Massachusetts. We want to focus on recovery, not on the consensus of resentment that political campaigns may develop.

Getting out of this pandemic, we are more than ever keenly aware that when it comes to family, friends, or time on this planet, it’s not taken for granted. When done correctly, these tasks require extraordinary time and attention, and we love doing them. But we both want to be there with Lauren, Steve, and our children, big and small, at the moment the family will experience it.

We made a plan when this great federal voter gave us this opportunity to serve us. Many of them. The first 60 days of tenure did not include 30 days of snow. Or an explosion of natural gas. Or a pandemic. But with your support and the creativity and resilience of the Massachusetts people, we have overcome these and other unexpected crises and events and moved the state forward.

We are determined to keep aside the partisan playbook that controls most of our political situation in order to form a governing partnership with colleagues in local governments, state legislatures, and delegations of parliament. doing. Its bipartisan approach listens as far as we are talking, focuses energy on finding areas of consensus rather than disagreement, and avoids public sniper and grandeur that defines much of the political discourse. By doing so, we can make meaningful progress on many important issues.

We have been leading the country in the fight against the opioid crisis, providing what we need to do and the resources to do it. Our energy future, the country’s energy future, is cleaner and more cost-effective as we work on deep-sea offshore wind. Provided broadband to friends and neighbors in western Massachusetts. We make historic investments in all types of housing, enact groundbreaking legislation to combat the housing crisis, and will use large amounts of federal funding to level the competition for housing in the future. I’m expecting that. We have secured groundbreaking criminal justice and law enforcement reforms and successfully dealt with decades of pollution at Bridgewater State Hospital. We have dramatically increased funding for schools. It also reduced income tax to 5% and dramatically increased the Rainy Day Fund by managing the state’s finances with discipline and care.

But today is about the future. Next year needs to be about reconstruction, not politics. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the people of this great state and will devote everything from now until the end of 2022.

Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito

Read the full letter from Charlie Baker on why he isn’t seeking re-election Source link Read the full letter from Charlie Baker on why he isn’t seeking re-election

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