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Want to save money this weekend?

Before embarking on the most chaotic shopping experience of the year, check out which items are tax exempt, how online shopping works, and other restrictions.

Here’s what you need to do now about a tax-exempt weekend in Texas:

School supplies

What is a tax exempt weekend?

During the New Year holidays, eligible items sold in Texas stores for less than $ 100 are completely tax exempt.

This year, the duty-free weekend begins on Friday, August 6th and ends at midnight on Sunday, August 8th.

The Texas Comptroller’s Office estimates that the Texans will save $ 107.3 million on this sales tax holiday.

Which item is the target?

Most clothing, footwear and school supplies are tax exempt.

See detailed list here..

Are you eligible for online purchases?

Yes, it is possible if the seller is doing business in Texas. However, shipping and shipping charges count towards the $ 100 product limit.

Amy Ramirez, team leader at Academy Sports + Outdoors, will add a shirt to the rack in preparation for a tax-exempt weekend in Corpus Christi on Thursday, August 10, 2017.

How do special orders and rain checks work?

Even if you need to make a special order for less than $ 100, you will be exempt from tax if you receive the item after the holidays. If you do not pay for the item during the sales tax holiday, it will be taxed.

How does the reserve work?

Eligible products can be purchased by final payment of the product being reserved or tax-free at the time of reserve. Tax refund is not allowed for goods already reserved.

Do I need an exemption certificate?

Only if you purchase school supplies with a business account. “With a business account” means that you are using a business credit card or check, are billed with a seller-managed business account, or are using business membership at a membership-based retail store. To do.

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Ready for Tax Free Weekend? Here’s everything you need to know Source link Ready for Tax Free Weekend? Here’s everything you need to know

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