“Really Good Man”: Ben Simmons Get Support from Australian Basketball Coach | NBA

Brian Goorjian, the coach of the Australian national team, strongly defended Ben Simmons as a “really good person.” NBA The star relationship with the Philadelphia 76ers continues to collapse.

Simmons was suspended from the opening match of the 76ers against New Orleans after returning from practice due to “harmful behavior to the team”. This is the latest bomb development in awkward situations, and it has become increasingly ugly as the former No. 1 draft topic tried to force a deal from Philadelphia.

Gourzian described the situation as “disappointment” and wanted the 25-year-old to be able to quickly get his NBA career back on track.

“Looking at this, I hope Ben is part of us. [at the Tokyo Olympics] And I experienced it and got some fun that would take me to the next step, “Gourzian told SEN. “I can only talk about my time and my time with Ben Simmons.

“My brother coached him when he was in Boxhill. We were part of his career and our family followed him … the process of going through Boomer. I Knows he wasn’t part of it [at the Olympics]But how he treated himself throughout, he was none other than a class.

“This kid is a very very good person and a very good basketball player. I see it and go to God, man, fix this and make this kid bloom. He has a great talent He’s a great guy and I’m really looking forward to him starting to represent the Boomer generation. “

Sixers coach Dock Rivers said the usual excitement of the season opener was slowed down by the Simmons story.

“We’re facing a predicament, and that part isn’t interesting. It’s not really,” Rivers told reporters before the 76ers’ match against the Pelican. “We can play now, but Ben isn’t. I want Ben to play. That’s his job.”

Simmons is still four years old and has a maximum contract of $ 147 million (A $ 196 million), making it the number one public enemy in Philadelphia. He was criticized by the Rivers and fellow 76ers star Joel Embiid shortly after the Philadelphia 76ers playoffs last season.

Since then, the Rivers have been diplomatic, but Embiid has continued to publicly express dissatisfaction with Simmons, and the All-Star Center said earlier this week that it didn’t want to be a “babysitter.”

“Really Good Man”: Ben Simmons Get Support from Australian Basketball Coach | NBA

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