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Washington, District of Columbia 2021-06-16 21:30:22 –

The state-wide eviction moratorium will expire on June 30th. The NC Real Estate Agents Association is calling on Governor Roy Cooper to finish it sooner.

The moratorium started in September 2020. It prohibits landlords from expelling tenants who cannot afford the rent due to a pandemic.

In a statement released Tuesday, the Real Estate Agents Association reiterated that it would adapt the ongoing moratorium on peasant evictions and distribute hundreds of millions of dollars of federal dollars designated by the state to support leasing. It’s time to focus. “

“The Governor continues to adapt a number of pandemic-related emergency actions to reflect the current progress of North Carolina’s pandemic emergencies, including reducing mask obligations, reopening businesses, events, and schools. “The statement said.

Near the end of March, Cooper signed an executive order to extend the state’s moratorium until June 30. The text of the Executive Order refers to the results of a household pulse survey by the US Census Bureau, which took up data collected from February 17th to March 1st, 2021. An estimated 167,751 adults living in rental housing in North Carolina reported that they weren’t keeping up with rent at the time, and 2.8 million reported that households found it somewhat or very difficult to cover their household expenses. Did.

The latest household pulse survey includes data collected from May 26th to June 7th. In this survey, an estimated 250,949 adults in North Carolina reported that they were not keeping up with rent, and an estimated 2.1 million reported that their households were somewhat difficult. It is very difficult to cover household expenses.

“In North Carolina, thousands of jobs and vaccines are widely available throughout the state, improving the economy. In general, businesses are operating again and contributing to the recovery of businesses and the state. The same is true for small business housing providers that continue to operate under strict restrictions, “said the statement. “But the improved conditions that allowed the rest of the economy to open should allow homes to do the same. Indefinitely the ability to collect rent from small business homebuilders. Asking them to stop has created a disproportionate burden on their ability to participate in economic recovery and has created a serious financial burden that threatens their business and livelihoods. Promoted the improved NC HOPE 2.0 Rental Relief Fund to help people with rental needs. This safety net is in place to extend this financial burden to small business real estate owners. It is unfair to do. Failure to transition to economic recovery not only burdens these individual businesses, but also has the unintended consequence of hindering the full recovery of the housing sector, North Carolina’s main industry. It’s possible. Now, more than ever, we need a financially sound housing provider to meet the growing housing needs of North Carolina. “

Realtor group asks Gov. Cooper to end eviction moratorium – Washington Daily News Source link Realtor group asks Gov. Cooper to end eviction moratorium – Washington Daily News

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