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Tampa, Florida 2021-08-05 23:14:41 –

Denver-Realtors do everything they can to stand out in the hot housing market.

“In construction, drones are very important for surveying, ICD, everything,” said Vincent Coleson, who built and sold dozens of homes in the Denver Metro area.

Drones are nothing new to his workflow. They are important for building things quickly and accurately. But when it comes to exhibiting finished products, there are new ways to show off the new home. It is a mini drone. And they are becoming very popular.

“It will change the game. It could replace photos or replace 3D Google maps while walking around the house,” Coulson said.

Coulson recently commissioned a mini drone company called Virtual Drone Tour to offer clients a virtual drone tour.

“What we create is a one-shot that actually goes into the house, flies around the entire house, exits the balcony on the second floor, and flies around the house. Everything is one shot,” said the company with him. Cain Costin, who started the game, said. Wife Sarah. The couple is currently raising the bar for real estate video. They use FPV, or first-person drones, to get a unique bird’s-eye view of the home that can be introduced to potential clients.

“[We]can create an incredible perspective that people are just eating up,” Costin said.

Drones are not readily available. And you need some skill to control them. Flying smoothly through the house is not easy.

“It’s difficult. Many people are interested in it and want to be part of it, but they don’t have the skills to do it,” Costin said.

But the end result is to get the attention of homebuyers.

“We always aim to keep the game a little better and stand out from the competition,” Costin said. “And this is the next level type. It’s perfect and beautiful.”

Last year, in the era of non-contact sales with COVID, drone tours really started.

“We provide a safe way to browse any property without having to step in,” said real estate agent Nick Forkedal. “It gives people the opportunity to see their home without even stepping into their property.”

Realtors like Folkedahl say it doesn’t just limit the people who appear in open houses.

“From the client’s point of view, you can see the house and you can fly almost inside the house. You are flying inside the house, right?” Said Folkedal.

This is a unique perspective that can add value to the already booming housing market.

“Receiving multiple offers multiple times costs 10 times more, which is due to the drone footage,” Folkedal said.

So keep an eye out for virtual open houses that are coming soon to a house near you.

“I think it’s just getting started. I think we’re on the cover of the book,” Costin said.

This story was originally reported by Eric English on KMGH.com

Realtors shift to mini-drones to showcase properties in hot housing market Source link Realtors shift to mini-drones to showcase properties in hot housing market

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