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Rebag introduces single transaction swap with Clair Trade

RebagAnnouncing the launch of Clair Trade, the digital first resale platform for designer handbags and accessories. This is an instant trade-in program that allows customers to buy and sell goods in a single transaction.

Clair Trade allows users to effectively exchange one piece for another-Instagram: @rebagofficial

The program uses Rebag’s appropriate Clair AI technology, developed with seven years of data and millions of image references, to provide resale specialists with an instant rating of the item they want to sell to users of their online platform. To do. This value can be used by customers to purchase other items on the platform, effectively exchanging one item for another.

If the user wants to buy a product that is higher than the selling price, he only pays the difference between the two products.

Once this transaction is complete, the customer will send the trade-in item to Rebag for confirmation. Once the item in question is identified, the trade-in is confirmed or possibly edited and the customer’s purchase is shipped.

By allowing shoppers to use the value of trade-in to quickly pay for their purchases, the system accelerates the standard process adopted by resale platforms. Purchasing with money from their sale may no longer be available.

Customers can also take advantage of the Clair Trade program at Rebag’s physical stores in New York, Los Angeles, or Miami to complete the entire process in no time.

“Clairetrade brings together seven years of expertise as a leading luxury resale destination. Combining pricing technology with the immediacy of AI recognition capabilities to create a unique and innovative resale experience,” Rebag said. Charles Gorra, founder and CEO of, said in the release.

“For the first time in the resale industry, consumers can simply make a quote, pay the difference and immediately use it for another purchase. The more you sell, the less valuable your cart will be and the less guilty you will be shopping. You will be able to do it, “added an executive. “Thanks to Clair Trade, Rebag is essentially a pioneer in negative checkout.”

Founded in New York in 2014, Rebag is one of the digital first platforms to take advantage of the growing popularity of fashion resale, including Thred Up. Posh mark And RealReal. The sector has proven resilient in the face of Covid-19 challenges, and a recent study by ThredUp shows that the US apparel resale market is worth $ 77 billion by 2026. Is predicted. Both Thred Up and Poshmark Apply for an IPO Earlier this year.

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Rebag introduces single transaction swap with Clair Trade

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