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Rebel Wilson went out wearing a pink sweater and denim shorts while filming the latest movie, “Senior Year.” Take a look at the stunning snaps.

Rebel Wilson I’m back at work! 41 years old pitch perfect Alum left for Atlanta, Georgia on June 11th and recently 60 pounds weight loss, And health and wellness transformations are on display.With a series of new photos taken with the set Last gradeAn Australian actress was seen rocking denim Daisy Duke shorts and a tie-dyed pink sweater adorned with swirls. In the next flick, the rebels will play a cheerleader returning to high school hoping to wake up from a 20-year coma and regain the title of Queen of Proms.

The rebel also shook a fresh blast with her straight blonde hair falling under her shoulders. The comedian was seen laughing with the crew and later shared a photo of himself watching the scene through a film monitor on Instagram. Wedding queen crown..The movie will also star ignorance icon Alicia Silverstone, In addition to this is usJustin Hartleyy, Angourie rice And Chris Parnell.. The rebels aren’t familiar with the big screen, but they took a break from working in front of the camera and focused on themselves.Year of healthIn 2020.

“Now that I know I can, I’m saddened that I didn’t do it before. Maybe I should have tried it when I was 30 instead of 40. But Each person’s journey is different, not a race or competition. ” Pouch Perfect The host said recently Instyle..

“I’m always struggling, so I have a natural sympathy for those who are suffering from weight problems, and that’s why I posted things on Instagram about my journey. Obviously, I Has access to some amazing tech treatments, but what I’ve learned is that what really makes a difference is the little things I do every day. Like today, I went for a walk to Griffith Park. [in L.A.] And it’s free. No one can go for a walk, drink more water, or do much consistently to improve their lives. Regardless of age, it’s never too late to get started. “

Rebel Wilson Rocks Daisy Duke on Set for New Movie “Senior Year” -Hollywood Life

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