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Sacramento, California 2020-10-17 21:21:15 –

San Francisco (CBS SF / AP) — Freedom of speech demonstrations performed by conservative activists after hundreds of rebels stormed the area, knocked on their mouths, surpassed and attacked the crowd Collapsed rapidly in downtown San Francisco on Saturday.

Team Save America said it would organize a rally to protest Twitter and put down conservative speeches.

Protrump’s free speech advocates and liberal anti-Trump and anti-fascist protesters protest the social media giant’s hate speech and fake political policy on the streets near San Francisco’s UN Plaza and Twitter’s Market Street headquarters. The news that confronted in.

A photographer working at the Associated Press witnessed an activist with a San Francisco police officer who was injured on the ground by the United Nations Plaza in San Francisco when Team Save America was taken by ambulance.

Members of the group wore red “Make America Great Again” Trump campaign hats and carried the parent police “Thin Blue Line” flag and the US flag.

After being attacked by protesters in San Francisco on October 17, 2020, teeth are hanging from the mouth of Philip Anderson, the organizer of a free speech rally. (AP photo / Noah Burger)

Within minutes of the protests, they pushed, pushed, and punched among those protesting in dissent. Philip Anderson, one of the organizers of the protest, was beaten in the face.

Anderson posted a photo of a bloody mouth on social media, with a missing front tooth and another loosely hanging. He said antifascist protesters attacked him “for no reason.”

Anderson went on stage around 1 pm and was greeted with a chant, a plastic bottle and a glass bottle thrown over a police barricade.

Anderson called the rebels hypocrites and said they were the reason to vote for President Donald Trump.

“I love America, I love this country, I love freedom of speech,” he said.

The event was canceled, but both remained in the area.

Dozens of riot-covered San Francisco police officers set up barriers at the UN Plaza to guard the rally.

Eventually, a crowd of Antifa supporters also spilled onto Market Street and began marching towards the waterfront.

Freedom of speech protests argue that thousands of demonstrators went to the streets of San Francisco for women in March 2020, saying, “Abandon Trump, save Law, and Amy Barrett must go.” It took place just a few hours later.

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