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Record heat again on Saturday in southern Colorado – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-09-11 09:21:14 –

Today’s weather forecast:
Colorado Springs and Pueblo are likely to hit record highs for the third straight day, and it will be a hot day. There can be showers in the mountains.

Colorado Springs: High: 96; Low: 59. The current highest record is 90. Afternoon clouds can form from the mountain’s light rain, which can lead to light rains and gusts.

PUEBLO: High: 99; Low: 59. The current record is 98. It’s hot and sunny today.

Canon City: high: 97; Low: 52. It’s very hot today and we can see some mountain rain in the distance.

Woodland Park: high: 83; Low: 51. It’s very warm today, but there could be a light rain or thunderstorm this afternoon.

Try Lake: high: 90’s; Low: 50’s. In the low 90’s today, there is a slight chance that a rainstorm in Teller County will pass the Try Lake tonight. They provide little rain and gusts.

Hirano: high: 90’s / 100’s; Low: 1960s. Another charred! Expect sunshine and hot and dry weather.

Walsenberg / Trinidad: high: 90’s; Low: 1960s. Today, from the mid to mid 90’s, the sun shines and stays dry.

Mountain: High: in her 80’s; Low: 40s / 50s. Some uneven showers affect the hills and highlands of today, favoring the counties of Fremont, Teller and Park.

Expanded outlook:
The cold front travels overnight, with Sunday temperatures dropping by 5-10 degrees Celsius and slightly higher humidity, allowing for a more comfortable day. Next week, before the arrival of a strong cold front on Tuesday, temperatures will return to the 90s on Monday, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s and possible rain.

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Record heat again on Saturday in southern Colorado Source link Record heat again on Saturday in southern Colorado

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