Record high number of students enrolled in summer school for pandemic

With three teenage children vaccinated against COVID-19, Aja Purnell-Mitchell left it up to them to decide whether to return to school during the summer vacation.

The decision was unanimous: Summer School.

“Maybe we’ll get them back, interact with friends, meet new people, and of course, pick up what’s missing on the zoom,” said her mother in Durham County, North Carolina, making her laugh. Expecting her children to be in the classroom for the first time since the outbreak in the spring of 2020.

Throughout the United States, more children than ever attended this year’s summer school classrooms, allowing them to make up for lost learning during the epidemic, causing serious educational disruption. School districts across the country summer We are expanding the program and offering bonuses for teachers to participate.

Under the latest federal pandemic bailout package, the Biden administration is calling on the state to devote some of its billions of dollars to summer programs.

The US Department of Education said it was too early to know how many students would apply. However, that number almost certainly exceeds the estimated 3.3 million people who went to mandatory or optional summer schools in 2019 before the pandemic.

For example, in Montgomery, Alabama, more than 12,000 of the 28,000 students in the school system applied before the June 1 deadline. Approximately 2,500 people typically attend summer school. By Friday, Philadelphia had registered 14,700 students and expected more from 9,300 students in all virtual sessions last summer to participate in almost face-to-face programs.

“It’s a conservative statement to say that needs are rising this year,” said Kalman Hettleman, an education policy analyst in Maryland.

Hettleman is most worried about the reading comprehension of underprivileged young students who have fallen behind before COVID-19 closed the school and may have faced technical hurdles since then. ..

“It’s not realistic to think that no matter how high quality and enthusiastic a summer school is, it will fill all the gaps,” said Hettleman, who mandates low-performing students in Baltimore. “But it helps. It will be, and if there is intensive intervention in the normal grade, it will at least give them a chance to fight. “

Taylor Dennington, a first-year high school student in Las Vegas, didn’t expect to go to summer school, but after a year of distance learning, he started going to summer school last week with a lot of friends.

“This year was a very unmotivated grade,” she said.

Dennington, a biology and math student, said in a text message: “I learn better at school than online. I’m better off in a classroom with a teacher than in a teacher’s email reply. It’s much better than waiting for hours. “

In North Carolina, Parnell Mitchell’s children have access to a five- or six-week full-day program that includes academic activities and activities such as sports and music. Thanks to the influx of federal spending, the district also provides transportation and food.

Under a law passed unanimously in North Carolina, approximately one in four students deemed at risk of delay (approximately 200,000 students across the state) are given priority to summer schools. Additional slots will be opened for those who wish. Some districts invite all students.

The school system is one of the federal funds to address the imbalanced impact of COVID-19 on students in poor families, non-native English students, minority group members, homeless or foster care students. I have to fill the department.

The expanded program across the country has significantly increased the need for teachers as well as bus drivers, managers and cafeteria employees.

Some North Carolina teachers receive a $ 1,200 bonus. There are also bonuses for teachers whose students are showing improved reading and math skills in certain grades.

In other parts of Anderson, South Carolina, teachers’ summer school salaries almost doubled to $ 60. Teachers and nurses in Spring Branch, Texas receive up to 20% salary increases. The Starkville Oktibbeha School System in Mississippi raised teachers’ hourly wages by $ 10 to $ 35 during the summer.

Connecticut has promised a $ 4,500 scholarship to 500 college students working in the K-12 Summer Program.

New York City, the largest school district in the United States with more than one million young people, offers summer schools to all students, not just those who are late.

“Our children have experienced a lot,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in announcing the plan. “To build a recovery for all of us, they are us. Needs support. “

Philadelphia and San Diego are meant to announce the eligibility of the entire district. Chicago plans to significantly expand its program.

Parnell Mitchell said her children have different reasons for wanting to go to school this summer. Kira Mitchell, the eldest daughter with autism, missed a one-on-one conversation with her teacher. Kayla Mitchell, on the other hand, is doing well remotely, but has been unable to make new friends or become sociable. Her son, Cartier Mitchell, said he had enough vacation and was ready to return.

“I think we’ll give you some milestone markers that they might have missed and give you a better view of getting into the door,” Parnell Mitchell said in the fall. ” Half of knowing what they are doing instead of feeling like they lost a year. “

Record high number of students enrolled in summer school for pandemic

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