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John Gosselin revealed that he was hospitalized in a terrible battle with COVID-19. He was so ill that he didn’t even know where he was for the first three days.

John Gosselin I had a very scary experience with COVID-19. He was hospitalized with a dangerously high fever, but he still has a cough after fighting the coronavirus. Eight fathers talk about his experience in an episode on January 14th Dr. Oz Show.. His girlfriend’s daughter rushed him to the emergency room after he had a fever of nearly 105. Dr. Mehmet Oz What has been observed is that body temperature can begin to cause seizures.

“My stepdaughter, Jordan, [girlfriend] Colleen [Conrad]Daughter, took me to the hospital and I had 104.8 [degree fever], ”John calmly explained in the preview clip of the show. “I was in a wheelchair. I had to wait in the ER. It was as if the hospital was full, so I could put it on a stretcher and put it in the corridor of the waiting room to secure a temporary room. I did. “

“Suddenly, after they evaluated me and did all my blood tests, I received a plasma antibody transfusion of antibiotics, steroids, and COVID. It happened really fast,” continued the 43-year-old. It was. “Then they moved me … to another room, a more permanent room. Then I just remember sleeping, and it was just surreal. What?’Why am I there? I didn’t know if it was, for example, until three days later, “John used COVID-19.

Fortunately, he’s recovering, but John feels he’s got a “second chance” by being able to defeat the coronavirus that killed 381,000 Americans as of January 13. John has detained two of them for 16 years.Old six children by ex-wife Kate Goselin — — Colin And Hannah.. But he wants their brother to live with Kate: Arden, Alexis, rare And Joel,He is” [the] Despite their current alienation.

John Gosselin revealed that he was hospitalized during the fight against COVID-19. Photo provider: AP image.

“I hope I can be part of your life someday,” he tells teens in an episode on Thursday. “I’m glad I had a second chance. I was more worried about getting better myself at the hospital and returning to my family. They want to meet. It’s another surreal in my life. Part of the story, Hannah and Colin live with me, so now I have developed thick skin to move forward to help Hannah and Colin. They are what I want to build. “

Recovery after a fever of 105 degrees – Hollywood Life

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