Recruitment of poll watchers raises concerns about potential election turmoil – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2020-10-11 14:18:33 –

NewsNation Now, California — Like many other states, early voting began this week in California, but on election day, both Trump and Biden campaigns actively vote watchers. Recruitment raises concerns about potential confusion and threats to voters.

It has an electoral authority ringing with some reminders of the rules.

At the registrar’s headquarters in Los Angeles County on Friday, a fairly stable stream of voters began to vote early or one of the official boxes.

Election day surveillance is a concern for November 3rd.

President Donald Trump’s remarks in last week’s debate could lead to record turnout for pollsters as well as voters.

“I urge supporters to participate in polls and watch very carefully,” Trump said.

Since then, both campaigns have increased recruitment of supporters to monitor polling place votes.

Some people feel that the extra presence alone can be scary.

“I hope it doesn’t stop people from coming out to express themselves. No matter which side they are on. There is nothing to prevent our constitutional rights.” Francis García, a voter in Los Angeles County, said.

In California, concerns prompted the Secretary of State to take notes this week. Voting watchers emphasize that they are not allowed to block access to voting locations or even talk to voters. The memo also states that possession of a gun at a polling place is a felony.

Basically, the role of the observer is to observe closely.

The same is true in Nevada.

“If a person is an observer, they must follow certain guidelines set out. They are not active participants in the voting process. They are passive observers,” said Nevada Election Security. Wayne Sawley of the Security Agency said.

Laws governing polls vary from state to state. In California, anyone can be an observer. However, authorities have emphasized that it is illegal to interfere with the voting process and that state law imposes up to three years in prison.

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