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Tucson, Arizona 2022-05-20 06:49:00 –

Our system passing north brings gusts today, and with dry air and dry vegetation, the risk of fire is very high! Fire alarms are issued from 10 am to 8 pm throughout southeastern Arizona.

Sustained winds range from 15 mph to 25 mph and gusts range from 30 mph to 40 mph. Keep in mind that there will be one less spark. In other words, there is one less wildfire. Avoid outdoor burns, dispose of cigarettes properly, and make sure there are no chain drags or outdoor shootings from your car. Keep weather alerts, especially in northern Cochise County and between Tucson and Casa Grande, as dust can be blown away. It also secures loose objects in the vestibule and backyard that can cause damage.

Temperatures warm this afternoon, in the warmest places only until the mid-’90s, but the “coolest” days are tomorrow, with maximum temperatures in the late 90’s. Weekends aren’t very windy, but sometimes refreshing conditions are expected.

High pressure ridges are returning to the southwest and it gets hot, so highs will begin to return to triple digits by mid-next week! Temperatures will return to about 105 ° by next Thursday, and triple-digit heat could continue until the next weekend.

Moisture also increases in central and northern Mexico. We will closely monitor this as dry thunderstorms may occur near the Arizona / Mexico border at this time of next week. The biggest threat to it is the new wildfire. Details will be announced at a later date.

Remember to be careful, hydrate and limit intense outdoor activities before locking, even in the temperatures of the 90’s. Also note that if you need to walk your dog in the afternoon, the temperature of the asphalt can be 50 degrees above the temperature. Walking on the asphalt burns the dog’s paws. Be careful and place it on the surface of the lawn or in the shade.

  • Today: The wind is strong and sunny. High: 94 °
  • Tonight: Calm and clear. Low: 61 °
  • Tomorrow: Refreshing and sunny. High: 93 °

Red Flag Warning Today! | News Source link Red Flag Warning Today! | News

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