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Casas significantly reduced .284 / .395 / .484 at 329 at bats in Portland.

The Red Sox prospect Triston Casas was called by the Triple A Worcester. Photo courtesy of Koji Watanabe / Getty Images

Red Sox Fans hoping to take a closer look at the top outlook Triston Casas, according to a report from, can see him one step away from Major League Baseball for the rest of the Worcester Red Sox season. WEEI’s Rob Bradford..

According to Bradford, the Red Sox promoted infielder to Triple A on Monday after the Portland Sea Dogs season was over. Casas plays nine games in Worcester. This is a small but suitable sample size for assessing his performance.

Casas With 13 home runs, 329 at-bats in Portland significantly reduced .284 / .395 / .484.

For most of the season, Casas has been the number one prospect for the Red Sox organization, and he remains at the top of the Baseball America list. Casas is 15th overall.

“One of the foundations of Boston in the future, as he has a supernatural striking ability to go with his impressive power.” Site writing.. “He is a potential impact hitter with the potential to hit more than 30 home runs in the middle of the lineup.”

However, MLB Prospect Website It feels different. They list 9th in the minor league baseball and 4th overall in this summer’s draft, Marcelo Meyer, who is widely considered the most promising in his class. Casas is 18th on the list.

“The consensus among the scouts is that Mayer was the best batter and best defender in the 2021 draft class and was likened to a combination of Corey Seager’s bat and Brandon Crawford’s gloves,” the MLB site said. say.

Casas, on the other hand, is considered an advanced batter with powerful power. He is likely to play first baseman exclusively in the majors, but he has made a defensive promise in that position.

“But he can still be a defensive asset because his hands are soft, he presents a big target and has a strong arm that produced a fastball in the late 90’s when pitching as an amateur. “The MLB site says.

Casas made waves last year when he refused to take first baseman after being hit by Tannerhauk’s pitch in a simulation game, but blew up a 436-foot Homer in the second half of his turn at bat.

The sound of the ball hitting the bat is amazing.

Casas Compare once Former MVP myself.

“I’m not trying to imitate everything he’s doing, but when I hit a home run in a sim game the other day and look back, it looks like” Wow, it actually looks like Joey Votto. ” bottom. Casas said in 2020.

Red Sox reportedly promote star prospect Triston Casas to Triple-A Source link Red Sox reportedly promote star prospect Triston Casas to Triple-A

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