Reddit r / HermanCain Award posts a story about a dying anti-baker on Covid

Sarah Ostrovsky was convinced that she would eventually be vaccinated after reading numerous articles on Reddit’s r / HermanCain Awards on unvaccinated people who died in Covid-19.

Courtesy of Saraostrovsky

During most of the pandemic, Sarah Ostrovsky went to work at a full-time gas station in Indiana and accepted the risk of unvaccination. She interacted with customers many times a day and cleaned public toilets without any protection other than masks.

Ostrovsky does not consider Covid-19 to be a hoax. She takes it seriously. But she had a reason not to be shot.

She was worried Johnson & Johnson Vaccines that cause blood clots, as reported in Few recipients..She was hesitant about the mRNA technology used in the development Modana When Pfizer vaccination. She was also forced to take a break from work, worried about potential side effects.

And her parents constantly spit out vaccine repellent rhetoric, warning her that she would die if she was shot.

“You care about what your parents think of you and whether they are making good or right decisions,” Ostrovsky said. rice field. “It’s like groupthink. Even if you know the answer is wrong, you’ll still say it just to fit or fit.”

It all changed last month. Ostrowski scrolls through feeds on social media sites on a regular basis RedditI came across a forum r / HermanCain Award.. This is a tough section of the app that aims to show visitors the actual results of being infected with the coronavirus without vaccination.

Reddit users upload screenshots of people who have previously posted anti-vaccine comments and content multiple times a day Facebook You just get sick with Covid-19 before you die. Subreddit’s name refers to former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. Died of Covid-19 in July 2020After refusing to wear a mask and attending Donald Trump Re-election campaign event.

“The candidate was admitted to the hospital for Covid after publicly proclaiming mask prevention, hoax measures, or Covid-hoax views,” the page description states. “This award is given when the candidate is released from the binding on the ground.”

Since the creation of the subreddit in September 2020, it has grown to over 375,000 members and top posts have gained thousands of user interactions. According to the forum, it is the 10th fastest growing subreddit in the last 30 days., Track Reddit usage.

NS entry This week included a screenshot of an August 12 post from a man who memed his followers. “I heard that the government is putting chips in people. I want to get Doritos.”

A male friend later wrote in his feed that he was seeking prayer because both the man and his wife were hospitalized in Covid-19. My wife had to make an emergency caesarean section to give birth to her baby more than 10 weeks earlier.

The next post came from a man’s wife: “Today the world has lost a wonderful dad, husband, brother, son, and friend. My heart is one million.”

“I finished playing”

Ostrovki said he saw enough in the end. On September 12, she got her first shot.

“If I fell into the government and my dad thought I was a fool because I was a sheep, that would be the case,” said Ostrovsky. “I clean the public toilet for Christ. I handle some really terrible things. So I finished playing.”

During the pandemic, social media sites Heaven of false alarms Conspiracy theory, whether related to masks, vaccines, or advice from public health professionals. Facebook, in particular, has a hard time getting rid of false content because users share incorrect information even in the comments section of posts from trusted sources. The Wall Street Journal..

Vaccine resistance has become a central issue in ending Covid-19, as vaccines have been available to people over the age of 12 for months. President Joe Biden Said as recently as last month, “This is an unvaccinated, ongoing pandemic.”

Based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 57% of the country is vaccinated and 22% of Americans are self-aware that they are anti-vaccinated. Academic research published in May..Experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, White House Coronavirus Advisor, said in the United States 90% of the population Vaccination to reach herd immunity.

US President Joe Biden speaks to South Lawn reporters when he returns to the White House in Washington, DC on October 5, 2021.

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Since the attack on the United States in March 2020, more than 722,000 Americans have died in Covid-19. Ostrovsky said the story of the tragic death of an unvaccinated person had a major impact on her.

“When you literally see yourself among these people, it really goes home,” she said.

Reddit still has enough anti-vaccine content throughout the site, reaching over 50 million active users per day.As it is Get ready for publication, Reddit recently took steps to remove some subreddit that were used to share incorrect information. However, many subreddits still surface such content with names such as r / Conservative, r / Ivermectin, and r / FauciForPrison.

A Reddit spokeswoman said the company has a policy in place to remove inaccurate posts about the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Our content policy prohibits many types of harmful content, including disinformation related to health and other forms of manipulated content,” a Reddit spokeswoman said in a statement. .. “We have experienced teams dedicated to detecting and acting on content that violates policy. As a result of the efforts of these teams, we remove 99% of the content that violates the user before they see it.”

Family dynamics

Chana Joly visits the r / Herman Cain Award on a regular basis. She said she was doing it for her dad.

apart from Lost brother to Covid-19 in January, Jolly’s dad refused to be vaccinated. She said he had been exacerbated by false information and anti-vaccine plots in the last few years.

“I’m particularly sad because my dad is an educated person,” Jolly said. “He’s not unwise. He just believes in people he shouldn’t.”

Joly scrolls through the Reddit forums to collect stories that you can send to your dad. When he becomes defensive and disagrees with the posts she shares, she tells him to prove that she is wrong.

“You find me these stories on social media,” Jolly explained, explaining what she said to her dad. “These people are dying in their own words with the vaccine. Find me these stories, and they will show you as many stories as I’m telling you, or 10 It will show you even a fraction. “

Reddit user Chana Joly can access the r / HermanCain Award to collect stories of real Antivacs people who died in Covid-19 and send them to their unvaccinated fathers.

Courtesy of Chana Jolly

Houston Reddit user Rockets9495 is a doctor working in an emergency room. He uses the r / HermanCain Award to create anecdotes that can be shared with nurses, technicians, and patients who may be on the fence.

He agreed to talk to CNBC, but didn’t want to publicly disclose his name to maintain privacy. He showed CNBC a hospital badge.

“Incorrect information is very dangerous, especially after this last president,” the doctor said. “This is not a game. This is not a joke. I don’t live in Tom Clancy’s novel. This is real.”

He said the scientific evidence was not effective for him in trying to convince people about the safety of the vaccine.

“But this seemingly weak evidence-word-of-mouth, anecdotal” all these people are dying “-seems to hit people much harder,” said the doctor.

Another kind of award

The subreddit also contains a happy ending story. These posts will be labeled IPA or Immunized to Prevent Awards and will be provided to users who display a photo of their vaccine immunization card on their channel as proof that they have taken a shot.

A Reddit user with the handle lovelylady227 got the label.

“This subreddit was what completely convinced me after waffling back and forth,” she wrote on September 22, “officially” for the award she gave the channel its name. It hasn’t been done. “

Her post Tagged with the IPA label, we received over 7,000 votes and 380 comments. She posted an immune card on Reddit after receiving her second dose.

Lovelylady227 is a woman named Hannah. She didn’t tell her family against vaccination about her decision, so she asked her to publish only her name.

Hannah received her first dose of Moderna’s vaccine in August, but was afraid to get a second dose after hearing her parents and her sister working in health discuss concerns about the vaccine. became. Her family shows each other anti-vaccine content on their mobile phones and believes that vaccinated people are shedding the virus.

Hannah went to Reddit for information. She started with r / Covid Vaccine. There she found numerous posts from people complaining about the side effects she experienced after taking the second shot. Some say they are trembling, others say they have had a heart attack.

“It really surprised me,” she said.

As Hannah continued to browse Reddit, Hannah arrived at the r / Herman Cain Award. What she found became nervous.

She read a story that begins with people mocking vaccines and ends with a spouse asking a friend to contribute to the GoFundMe page for hospital invoices and funeral expenses.

“Until you see these people playing live to you for some reason, you really don’t understand how bad it is to be in the hospital with Covid,” Hannah said. “Getting these direct experiences from your Facebook profile and seeing people regret, like,” Oh, I really need to take this seriously. I can’t postpone it anymore. ” Thing. “

Hannah said she would like to wait up to three months after vaccination and then casually vaccinate with her family. At that point, she can show them harmless.

“The fact that they didn’t notice anything different was one of my main hopes,” she said.

Meanwhile, she is grateful for the positive reaction she received on Reddit after posting her vaccination card.

“I know I don’t need anyone else to tell you that you did the right thing, but that certainly helps when many people say” Hey, good job “.” She said. “It certainly doesn’t come from my family.”

Gas station manager Ostrowski also won the Immunized to Prevent Award for posting his vaccine card.

“I was late for the party, but finally completely vacced,” she said. I have written On October 4th, the post received over 2,000 votes in favor and over 100 comments.

She said she wanted to admit to more people that they were wrong and encourage them to still be able to change direction.

“I finally came and made the right decision,” she said.

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Reddit r / HermanCain Award posts a story about a dying anti-baker on Covid

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