Ree Drummond Shares Photos of Rudd’s 25th Anniversary Wedding Dress-Hollywood Life

Ree Drummond shared a retrospective photo with her husband Rudd to commemorate his 1996 wedding anniversary. Read her inspiring compliments.

Food Network Star Ree Drummond And her husband Rad We are celebrating the big milestone of 25 years of marriage.Star Pioneer WomanThe 52-year-old shared a long-standing tribute to her husband on Instagram on Tuesday, September 21, looking back on the “wild adventure” of marriage. The carousel in the image contained a snapshot of Lee’s elegant wedding dress at the 1996 ceremony. This wedding dress had thin long sleeves and a wavy skirt.

“Twenty-five years ago, Rudd and I got married,” writes Foodstar. “It was a wild adventure, and we experienced joy, pain, ups and downs, victory, sadness, and unexpected twists and turns.” She added, “All of that” love, “that is, of time. There’s certainly love that deepens, expands, and takes root over time … but if you want to know why I’ve been doing it for the last few years, swipe to the last photo. .. Is it really that easy? Well, one day it is! I love you, Rad. ”

A longtime couple shares 5 children together: daughter Alex, 24, and Page, 21, and son Bryce, 19, Todd, 17, and Jamal, 18. On Father’s Day in June of this year Lee shared a sweet compliment to her husbandShe writes that he was “here alive, overall” and “all good” after the car accident in March.Dramond Patriarch I broke my neck in two places earlier this year After being involved in a collision while responding to a fire on a family ranch.

In tribute to her Father’s Day, Lee shared A series of “moments of paternity” This includes attending the wedding of Alex, the daughter, and seeing off the son to college. “Rad watching Alex dance with his new husband. Rudd watching Bryce go to college. Rudd taps his back as he signs Jammer’s Intent,” Lee added. “For my companion this year, only a handful of moments of paternity … and how many years was it? Happy Father’s Day, Rudd. You are here, alive, whole … and all the good things I am very happy to have. “

In a Q & A published on her website last November, Lee Provided insight into her philosophy About marriage. “I don’t know where I’ve heard this advice over the years, but I often hear it’s 50/50 in marriage, so I fully agree that I have to meet along the way. Over the years, I realized that it really needs to be 100/100, “she said.

“Getting closer to it as 100/100 will fill the gap in time when your partner can’t give you everything, you’re tired, sick, or overloaded — and those things everywhere. It happens to the couple, “Lee continued. “It may be a very outdated concept of marriage, but I’m 51. I’m a bit outdated.”

Ree Drummond Shares Photos of Rudd’s 25th Anniversary Wedding Dress-Hollywood Life

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