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Reitmans and Simons ranked the top retail experiences in Ontario

The customer experience certainly evolved in the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, with fashion retailers Reitmans and Simons being the only ones in Ontario to rank for the best in-store and online customer experiences, respectively. not.

Reitmans and Simons ranked among the top retail experiences by Leger. -Facebook: Reitmans

Based on the 2020 WOW survey by Leger, which evaluates Ontario retailers’ in-store customer experience and various performance metrics, Reitmans has won the top spot as a retailer offering the best in-store customer experience and personal care. The brand Lush followed. , The Body Shop, and the 4th spot sage.

On the top 10 list, Canadian outdoor retailer MEC was also 6th, while Bath & BodyWorks and Yves Rocher were 9th and 10th, respectively.

In fact, research shows that in-store customer experiences in clothing, fashion accessories, shoes, sports, beauty products stores, and stores targeting more niche customers such as luxury and jewelery were generally last year.

In contrast, most of Ontario’s WOW in-store experience index declines were recorded in the convenience store, supermarket, pharmacy, hardware store, and home improvement center sectors.

The survey also included a digital assessment that identified the strengths and weaknesses of the overall online shopping experience.

Quebec-based retailer Simons topped the list for the best online customer experience in 2020, followed by Lush. Sephora was in 4th place and Amazon was in 8th place as well.

In 2020, we also investigated how pandemics (including in-store health and safety measures) affected the in-store customer experience.

Twenty percent of consumers say that the health and safety measures implemented during a pandemic have a significant impact on the shopping experience. This measure seems to have had a greater impact on customers in beauty, jewelry and clothing stores.

“In these dire situations, it’s important to measure the in-store customer experience and ensure customer satisfaction,” said Christian Bourque, Executive Vice President of Leger.

The in-store survey was conducted online with approximately 13,000 Ontario residents. Approximately 400 respondents who visited retail stores since June 2020 surveyed 145 retailers in 20 sectors who evaluated each retailer.

Meanwhile, a WOW Digital survey evaluated 22 aspects of the online experience of 173 Canadian websites and apps. Responses were provided by approximately 14,000 Canadians.

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Reitmans and Simons ranked the top retail experiences in Ontario

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