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Insiders who have just finished their vacation to Provence, France, by Kanye West and Irina Shayk are exclusively spilling details of their relationship with HL!

Kanye West, 44, and Irina Shayk, 35, At first it looked like a strange combination, but it turned out that the rapper and the model had “a lot in common”. Hollywood Life Exclusively. “Kanye and Irina met at various fashion events over the years and knew each other for a while. He contacted me about a month ago and they just started talking,” he said. Sources told us after Kanye and Irina. Vacation to France.. “He loves to be a model because she knows fashion and is so respected in the industry,” they said.

Chicago-born rappers are mostly His line Yeezy And a collaboration with Adidas (especially his often sold-out boost sneakers and resin slides). Kanye is praised for driving many popular trends such as neutral pallets, the use of leather and the mainstreaming of streetwear. On her side, Irina attended the world’s largest designer shows, including Burberry, Miu Miu, Versace, Givenchy and more.Also covers Russian models Sports Illustrated Swimwear Issues I participated in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Kanye West and Irina Shayk were discovered together in France earlier this week. (Shutterstock).

“She knows more about it, unlike it. [Kim did] When he first met Kim, “the source continued.Kim is not a professional model, but a 40-year-old reality star Also Became a fashion tour deforce in her popular form, Loungewear line SKIMS.. In addition, the four moms are the faces behind her own popular cosmetic line, KKK Beauty. Despite Kim’s surge in popularity, Kanye is interested in being with someone who understands the world of high fashion.

Kanye West, Irina Shayk
Kanye West and Irina Shayk will arrive together at the New Jersey airport on June 9, 2021. (SplashNews)

“He wants to be with someone who knows the world, is creative and is respected on his own. She likes him to be respected and understand fashion. , I know he’s helping to improve her name and career. It’s not serious yet, but they like each other and enjoy spending time together, “I said. Our insider revealed. Notably, Kim and Kanye married in Italy in 2014 and have four children. North, 7, saint,Five, Chicago, 3, and Psalms, 1.Kim after months of reports that they lived apart Submit divorce notice February 2021.

The latest scoop of Kanye and Irina takes place after the pair was filmed together in Provence, France. Ethers The rapper celebrated his 44th birthday. The two were romantically strolling around the luxurious Villa Lacoste Hotel on Tuesday, June 8th. Kanye smiled brightly as she walked behind casual Irina in a white crop top and black trousers. Kanye and Irina were found returning to the United States together on June 9. Shift their exit From a private plane at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey.Kanye continued his journey to the west where he was discovered, while Irina appeared to be returning to New York. In Malibu June 10th.

Relationship Details-Hollywood Life

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