Relativity Space 3D printers are reinventing more than rockets

The company’s tests will launch a 3D-printed ion rocket engine in March 2021.

Relativity space

Relativity Space is pushing the boundaries of 3D printing to make rockets, but CEO Tim Ellis believes the company’s influence goes beyond the space industry.

“We’re not just building rockets, we’re reinventing the entire stack of ways to actually design, develop, build, and expand the company,” Ellis told CNBC.

“3D printing is really a whole new technology stack for aerospace and hasn’t really changed the paradigm of the last 60 years. Using hundreds of thousands to millions of individual parts in the factory, We manufacture products one at a time, full of fixing tools and a very complex supply chain, “says Ellis.

The company in Long Beach, California has grown rapidly since its inception five years ago. Verification of the 3D printing approach was powerful enough To make a Terran 1 rocket.Moved to “Future factory” last year, $ 500 Million Capital “Treasure Chest of War”Investors such as Tiger Global Management, Fidelity, Baillie Gifford, Jared Leto and Mark Cuban currently value the company at $ 2.3 billion.

The company’s efforts to create the next-generation manufacturing industry have landed Relativity space At number 23 this year CNBC Disruptor 50 List..

2021 CNBC Disruptor 50 Details

Currently, the company has completed work on the first rocket to be launched into orbit by the end of this year.In addition, February’s theory of relativity Announcing plans to create a larger, reusable rocket called the Terran R. Designed to carry the Falcon 9 rocket that became the flagship of Of Elon Musk SpaceX.

The theory of relativity already has the world’s largest 3D printer, capable of producing a single piece of metal up to 32 feet high. Approximately 95% of the parts of the Terran 1 rocket are 3D printed. This is the process that Ellis advertises to reduce rocket complexity many times over traditional rockets. Moreover, according to the theory of relativity, the simple process will eventually allow the raw material to be converted into a rocket on the launch pad within 60 days.

“The theory of relativity invented our own 3D printer, but in reality it’s not the most innovative,” Ellis said. “I think the most innovative thing the theory of relativity is doing is that we are the world’s first final product 3D printing company. We don’t just manufacture and sell printers, we do. It’s not just about designing a product and buying someone. Other printers – in fact integrate both. ”

CEO Tim Ellis sits in front of a 3D printer bay at a factory in Long Beach, California.

Relativity space

Ellis believes that companies that manufacture 3D printers do not sell machines to their customers. In other words, we are “selling a whole new philosophy” about manufacturing.

“You tell your customers:” Abandon your existing factory, all your existing design and development, let go of half of your team, and hire a new team who understands how to build a 3D printing factory. “Eris Said.

Since Ellis is the creator of 3D printers and users of their products, Relativity has made 3D printing the most destructive technology of its life, from the very beginning, to “aerospace and potentially other manufacturing industries. I think it will be. “”

Like Musk, Ellis continues to focus his theory of relativity on building the “future of mankind’s multiplanets.”

“We need to inspire to go after dozens to hundreds of companies have made [a continuous human presence on] Mars is a reality, “said Ellis. “We are talking about replicating the entire planet. This is a monumental project.”

For Ellis, laminated modeling is “inevitably necessary to build an industrial base on Mars.”

“Unless a company actually creates it, its future will never happen,” Ellis said, adding that the theory of relativity is now “at the forefront of what is building the future of mankind.”

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Relativity Space 3D printers are reinventing more than rockets

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