Remarkable competition in politics, science and coronavirus vaccines

The president was particularly keen on that purpose. At the White House meeting on March 2, when Bansel and other pharmaceutical executives outlined the vaccine program, Dr. Forch said that it would take “one to one year” before the dose was widely released to the public. I warned that it would be “half”.

“I like the sound of months,” Trump replied.

Warp Speed ​​had two leaders. The science was led by Dr. Sulaui, who has long led research and development at the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline and served on Moderna’s board of directors. Logistics was handled by General Gustav F. Perna, who headed the Weapons and Supplies Command.

The operation, which takes place in the suites on the 7th floor and the operations center on the 2nd floor of the Health and Welfare Headquarters, had a military feel. The leaders discussed the book “Freedom’s Forge” on how American industry armed troops in World War II, and “combat” at a conference that included a daily 8 am session on vaccines. I imposed what is called “rhythm”. Dozens of officers were reported to be working in uniform.

According to Dr. Slawi, the biggest decision was which vaccine candidate to cancel from nearly 50 candidates. His team decided on three vaccines, each with two companies tracking in case one company failed. Federal officials called the finalists “horses” and were in favor of competition between them.

Moderna and Pfizer will pursue mRNA vaccines that appear to be the fastest to develop. The government was ready to bear most of the development bill, guide clinical trials, and even deliver supplies to the factory.

Dr. Bula was not interested. Pfizer, one of the world’s top vaccine producers, has determined that it does not require federal support to develop new products and has annual revenues of nearly $ 52 billion, so no subsidies are needed.

“If it fails, we have to amortize $ 2 billion in vaccine development,” Dr. Bula said at the New York Times’ DealBook online summit this week. “This is a pain for any company, but it didn’t break us.”

Remarkable competition in politics, science and coronavirus vaccines

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