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Riverside, California 2021-09-10 14:53:49 –

DH Griffin was responsible for the ground zero cleanup.

Greensboro, NC — WFMY News 2 has had many discussions with DH Griffin over the years. He was a key player in ground zero cleanup. He has repeatedly told me how he started as a volunteer and how he planned to demolish the 27-story Tower 2.

But this week, 20 years ago, I talked to him about the details of the cleanup and what most people didn’t even think about the contents of the rubble.

“There were more than 30 federal agencies that we had to deal with on a daily basis. There were $ 500 million worth of gold and silver in the vaults of some banks within the World Trade Center.” Said DH Griffin.

“We had to work with the DEA. There were hundreds of pounds of drugs on the scene in the U.S. Customs Evidence Office. Taking into account the bureaucratic formalism of 38 agencies a day. It was difficult to team up, but we had a great team and everyone had the right place to do the right thing. “

There were more than 1,000 cars in the underground garage. Griffin and his crew also had to deal with people in the subway. There were two trains running under the WTC Tower.

Nothing was scooped up and thrown away. It was taken off-site and separated by hand when the team searched for the rings, watches and purses that the family wanted from their loved ones, as well as what he mentioned.

Griffin has been at Ground Zero for nine months. His team has been there for 19 months.

Remembering 9/11: What was in the rubble Source link Remembering 9/11: What was in the rubble

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