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Cleveland (WJW) – It’s been a year since we lost the legendary Fox8 meteorologist Dick Goddard..He died on August 4, 2020 At the age of 89..

For over 50 years, residents of northeastern Ohio have welcomed Goddard to their homes every night. His familiar face carefully provided the weather forecast with context and a little relevance.

“Weather is at best a knowledgeable guess, and I’m skeptical,” Goddard said.

Goddard was born in Greenberg in 1931 and is now known as the City of Green in Summit County. He joined the Air Force and graduated with a degree in art from Kent State University in 1960.He had Dream of becoming a cartoonist There was also an interview with Disney in California. However, he couldn’t give up his offer to try TV and signed a 13-week contract on Channel 3.

After a short stint in Philadelphia, Goddard joined the team on Channel 8. He liked the station airing the Browns game. He later became a Browns radio statistician and maintained his position for 43 years.

Goddard’s legacy is greater than a television weather forecaster. He is a ferocious animal advocate and his compassion for pets was planted early by his parents.

“I promote animal welfare. That is my goal,” he said. “And before going to an empty theme park, I want to do everything I can for the 4 footers.”

Every Friday for almost 30 years, Goddard featured pets from Kaiyahoga County Animal Shelter With FOX8 News. In 2015 he started Dick Goddard APL Telethon.. The event raises more than $ 130,000 each year for donation-only animal shelters.

One of his greatest achievements was the passage of House Building 60. Goddard’s Law.. He lobbyed state legislators for five years, guilty of five felony abuses or negligence of companion animals. It was enacted in 2016.

Only Goddard was able to turn the Caterpillar celebration into Ohio’s largest one-day festival.He founded Woolly Bear Festival 1973. Goddard’s first festival was held in a small community in Birmingham and fundraised a local school district. As the parade and the number of spectators increased, Woolley Bear needed a new home and moved to Vermilion.

Goddard did everything kindly and often provided playful wisdom when joking.

“Never think you know everything. A truly educated person never graduates. Remember that.”

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