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Here are some of the background behind Irving’s bitter departure from Boston.

Kyrie Irving’s last Celtics match, 2018 Celtics vs. Bucks Game 5. Barry Chin / Boston Globe


Two years after he went to Brooklyn for spider dribbling, I often quoted. Round 5 of the 2019 Round 1 Playoff Series With Bucks, like when Kyrie Irving left the Celtics.

We apologize for the slight inaccuracies. Oh, Irving was miserable in many ways in the match, but he was checking out before that. Except for the last time he said he wanted to climb the garden rafters someday he took off the Celtics 11 jersey, the exact time is still I do not know.

But I know this: he deserves a boo when he returns to the garden on Friday night. In the summer of 2019 he performed a plot with Kevin Durant and joined the Nets. This is the first time a fan has attended since then.

You don’t have to swear, as Knicks fans do at Trae Young on the Hawks. You don’t have to yell at cruel personal insults. So can you make sure that the racist case with the last player you visited is the last one forever? Don’t be that pathetic loser. If the poor loser sits next to you on Friday night, kick him out.

Please do your best. Please shout out. Prove that they are not mutually exclusive. The overcast, unexplained butt of Boo Irving is so loud that the parquet floor looks like the plates are moving. Boo him to Secaucus and cross the bridge to Brooklyn. Boo him like he puts on his headphones and plays the second half. Boo him until he accepts what is called World B. Flat.

Irving is afraid to face the dissonance of that high decibel boo. He always had a reason-for good reason and for suspicious reason-playing in a city where he was left behind. To avoid it, first in Cleveland, and now in Boston. My knee hurts. Collision shoulder. Load management may be a little advanced. The script for “Uncle Drew” needs another modification as Lisa Leslie is clearly a star. what ever.

If Irving experienced racism in Boston, I sympathize with Irving. I understand why he hesitates to speak specifically. However, the only time before that, Post-match press conference after the second matchWhat he publicly talked about racism in Boston was to say that it had never happened to him here. After the DeMarcus Cousins ​​incident March 2019, you don’t have to be a skilled cynic. There is no need to suspect that he is trying to manipulate the crowd to leave him completely alone, taking advantage of the city’s lasting shame.

The most ridiculous suggestion I’ve heard this week is that fans should ignore him. Fans have passed the prank of his traitor – remember the “two biggest deal”! Conversation with Durant Captured in the ’19 All-Star Game and clearly mentioning Nets? — Did it ruin Danny Ainge’s best plan and take this franchise off the championship course? Yes, Benedict Irving is quiet I don’t think there is any problem with the treatment.

I wish I had a complete, honest and detailed answer as to why this happened. Irving is addicted to mystery, and the Celtics brass only talks about the general change in his thinking about Boston. Please remember. He said casually At the season ticket holder event 18 seasons ago, he was planning to re-sign “If You Bring Me”. He was at the Forbes Under-30 Summit at the Emerson Colonial Theater in October. saying, “I love Boston” and how happy he was here. He shot an ad for his father, Boston University legend Drederick Irving and Nike, and played one-on-one in the garden. Kylie speaks out by talking about how important Boston is to him.

Within the next few months, his thinking changed. The talented team didn’t mesh. Irving has become mean. When asked if there was a change in his stay schedule in February, he replied, “Listen on July 1st,” the first day of the free agent. A tape of collusion with Durant was revealed. Nike ads have disappeared from the broadcast.

Irving was During that fifth game, he was gloomy and shamelessly indifferent. At an age, Celtic fans wondered, “Oh, what was it like to see Sidney Wicks and Curtis Rowe?” It was a great performance.

This week I paid $ 2.10 (tax included) on to watch the game again. I paid at least $ 2 too much. Celtic wasn’t the only terrifying performer to lose 116 to 91. Gordon Hayward was tentatively in the worst condition. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown played as if the league had penalized the pass. Marcus Smart was in a hurry, but missed the open look (some are definitely not …).

At some point in the second quarter of the TNT broadcast, Marv Albert told analyst Chris Webber: (Repeat, some things never …).

Irving scored one assist in the match and skillfully bounced traffic to Tatum for a layup plus one in the third quarter. He took shots horribly casually and took step back from step back. The most dazzling traffic ball handler I’ve ever seen, I couldn’t drive to the hoop to get a bucket until I had two minutes left in the first half.

Irving made one terrible stretch on the 11-0 Bucks run in the second quarter, but couldn’t even raise his arm at Khris Middleton’s post-up, wide-left with an airballed 3 and struggling to stretch. Didn’t. Here’s the simplest tip ever about Ersan Elyasova. He was the team’s worst minus 25 in 33 minutes in 4 out of 16 and 6 out of 21 in the first half.

It wasn’t the most unpleasant performance in the Game 4 defeatHe said he should have taken 7 out of 22 shots and then 30 shots because “I’m a very good shooter”. He also continued to insist on defending Jannis Antent Kumpo, who appears to be nine inches tall and nine feet tall. Irving seems to have alternated between disobedience and indifference. He left the court before the final buzzer sounded.

According to records, the last match Irving played as the Celtics was passed by Gershon Yabusere with a three-pointer in the fifth game, with 8 minutes and 40 seconds remaining and the Celtics 91 -68. He slapped Brad Stevens five times, officially checked out, and then fell on the bench. He checked the Celtics spirit much earlier. Only Irving knows the exact time.

The Celtics undoubtedly proved in the first two games of the series that he couldn’t show his play on the court. The best you can do is a boo onslaught delivered Friday night without controversy or ignorance.

I’m not sure about Kyrie Irving and why it ended up here.

Remembering Kyrie Irving’s last acts as a Celtic while bracing for his return Source link Remembering Kyrie Irving’s last acts as a Celtic while bracing for his return

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