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Walkisha, Wisconsin — A tragic event in Walkisha on Sunday Christmas parade tragedy It rocked the city, Wisconsin, and beyond. Among the victims were grandparents, mothers, fathers, sisters, siblings, and friends.

Each of them will be remembered forever. Below is a list of the dead and a brief description of their lives.

Jane Kulich

Kulich family

Jane Kulich, 52, worked at Citizens Bank. According to a compliment posted on GoFundMe, Jane “is a loving, beautiful, charismatic mother, grandmother, and friend of many. A world without such women is a much darker place.”

“My mother was a wonderful and beautiful soul,” her daughter said in a statement. “She illuminated everyone’s life. This woman was an absolute jewel. She loved her family very much. She had a sister, a husband, three children, three grandchildren, a niece and a nephew. She was a very kind and sweet person. She was devoted, motivated and comforted. One of the best people I have ever walked on this planet. I My mother was a wonderful person who had a positive impact on everyone I met. We miss her very much. “

Tamara Carlson

Tamara Duland


Tamara Duland

Tamara Carlson, 52, Milwaukee Dance Granny, A dance group of older women playing at the Christmas parade on Sunday.

“She was a proud mom, an amazing grandmother, a proud member of the Walkisha community, and one of the kindest people overall,” she said in a tribute to her on the GoFundMe page. increase.

Wilhelm Hospel

Wilhelm Hospel


Wilhelm Hospel

Wilhelm Hospel, 82, is the husband of Laura, another member of the Milwaukee Dancing Granny.

According to his nieceHe was the youngest of four siblings and recollected with them several times a year.

Leanna Owens

Lee Owens


LeAnna Owens

71-year-old Leanna Owens was a member of Milwaukee Dancing Grannies.


Ginny Sorenson

Sorenson family

Virginia Sorenson, 79, was lovingly called “Genie” by her family. She was a member of Milwaukee Dancing Granny.

“Her spirit was fierce and never got old. Anyone who knows Genie knows she has a special soul. It gives off love,” GoFundMe said. I read a tribute to her. “She has always been a caregiver, whether or not she takes care of her patients, her family, and especially her beloved furry friends. She always tells us,” Angels are watching over you. ” Reminded me. .. “

Jackson Sparks

Jackson Sparks


Eight-year-old Jackson Sparks died after being injured in the tragedy of the Walkisha Christmas parade on Sunday.

Jackson Sparks, 8, is the son of Aaron and Sheri and the younger brother of Tucker.according to GoFundMe In the campaign, Aaron and Sheri are “people of faith.”

The family asked the community to keep lifting them in prayer.

This story was originally published by the Scripps Station TMJ4 In Milwaukee.

Remembering those who died in the WI parade tragedy Source link Remembering those who died in the WI parade tragedy

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