Renovated SEA Airport North Satellite set to open with unique new features at the end of June – Seattle, Washington

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SEA’s newly refurbished and expanded North Satellite offers unique features such as 17 dining and retail spaces. Photo courtesy of SEA

Forty-six years ago, the North Satellite at Seattle Airport went into service. Currently, after $ 700 million in refurbishment and expansion, the new space will open at the end of June. Work on a modernized facility with a new gate is nearing completion, nearly doubling space, famous for natural light, and trebling restaurants and shops. Inspired by the Pacific Northwest, art and sustainability features include the use of collected rainfall, saving approximately 2.8 million gallons of water annually.

In Phase 2 refurbishment of the existing facility, 12 remodeled gates, Central Marketplace It features a flagship restaurant, a naturally inspired art installation, and the airport’s first fully integrated pet relief area. The refurbished interior includes new building forms and functional interests that are cost-effective, environmentally friendly and improve accessibility through careful design considerations. Currently, two gates are open.

The highlights of the refurbishment are:

• More dining and retail space such as Filson, Pike & Pine and sodoPop.

• More than double the entire facility space to 468,000 square feet

• A dramatic open space with natural light in a marketplace about 80 feet high in N

• Nature-inspired art celebrating the ecology of the Pacific Northwest

Amenities that represent the culture of the Pacific Northwest

• A dramatic open space with natural light in a central marketplace about 80 feet high

• Iconic building design reminiscent of winding river movements

• Nature-inspired art celebrating the ecology of the northwestern Pacific coast

• 31ft x 15ft stage for live performance

Upgrades to improve sustainability and building functionality

• Stormwater collected to water the toilet

• Improved accessibility to walkways, elevators and stairs

• Refurbished transportation system lobby

• Seismic retrofitting

• More robust Wi-Fi service

• Improved baggage handling

Enhancements to improve the passenger experience

• 17 new dining and retail spaces, including flagship restaurant, nearly triple the previous amount

• 213,000 square feet will be added and refurbished, more than doubling the total space of the facility

• SEA’s first integrated pet rescue area

• Charger outlet for about 3,500 seats

North Satellite SEA

Project cost

The project was funded from a combination of airline fares and airport development fund and passenger facility charge revenues.

As with virtually all airport projects, Port of Seattle taxes are not used.

The final estimated cost of the port portion of North Satellite Modernization is $ 658.3 million.

Alaska Airlines has donated an estimated $ 41 million to build a new lounge and employee space.

Environmental highlights

Port of Seattle is committed to minimizing its current environmental footprint, despite the challenge of accommodating more airport passengers. The innovative efforts of this project will help the US Green Building Council pursue recognition of leadership in energy and environmental design. The facility seeks to use sustainable materials, including locally procured and recycled content, and wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Capturing rainwater from the roof to feed the toilet will save most 750,000 gallons Annual Water Volume – Equivalent to a soccer field filled with water at a depth of 7 feet.

is more than 95% of construction waste It will be recycled and diverted from the landfill.

The facility uses energy-efficient LED lighting and heating and cooling systems, and is about 1.7 million kWh per year – Equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 170 households.

North satellite artwork
The Deborah Butterfield horse carving is made of bronze cast from a piece of wood. Photo courtesy of SEA

Art highlights

The modernized and expanded North Satellite features art by nationally acclaimed artists listed below. Their work reflects how our diverse environment, culture, spirit, history and industry affect the northwest and the qualities and personalities of our people. This perception is called the “sense of the northwestern place.”

Cable Griffith (Seattle): Digital-style artwork that conveys the natural environment of the northwest.

John grade (Seattle): Sculptural tree shape based on a cast of regenerated virgin forest cedar from Alaska

Muse atelier (Vancouver, British Columbia): Art glass installation featuring a northwestern environment

Deborah Butterfield (Montana): Bronze horse sculpture cast from a drifting fallen piece of wood

Nursing suite
During the pandemic, SEA acquired 17 artworks to support the local art community to beautify the airport space and diversify the port’s art collection with more female and minority artists. did. Five of those works are in the North Satellite Nursing Suite. Photo courtesy of SEA

Renovated SEA Airport North Satellite set to open with unique new features at the end of June Source link Renovated SEA Airport North Satellite set to open with unique new features at the end of June

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