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Renovation Report: M.S. Rau turns original showroom into jewelry boutique – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-27 17:31:04 –

plan: Millions of dollars refurbishment of historic space to MSRau’s new jewelry boutique store

address: 630 Royal St.

Owner: MS Lau

architect: Jonathan Tate’s office

designer: Scott Truit Brand Design

General contractor: Palmisano

space: 8,500 square feet

cost: Not a dis

start date: December 2020

Completion date: August 2021

Originally located at 630 Royal St. in the French Quarter, MS Rau Antiques later moved its antique showroom to an adjacent 40,000-square-foot space refurbished in 2019.

The former space has two floors that have recently been redesigned to function only as a jewelery boutique. The jewelery on display shines inside a casework made in Milan, Italy, with sophisticated lighting and access control.

In the middle of the new space is an oval glass room surrounded by casework. MS Rau has installed Class 2 walk-in vaults and other security features, depending on the size and use of your business. All the lights in the space are controlled by the iPad, and staff can warm or brighten the individual lights as needed.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project has been postponed for over a year. Milan is one of the hardest cities in Europe, delaying the production of casework.

Material shortages plagued the project, causing rising prices for timber and other construction materials and labor shortages. Supply chain headaches and limited opportunities to ship materials from Milan to New Orleans exacerbated the problem and added surplus costs to the project.

The crew began dismantling the interior and discovered some problems with space refurbishment. Some walls were badly off the plumb bob, causing problems when installing the safe on a 4-inch wall. There were also two lengths of scaffolding that needed to be replaced, and there was water intrusion through a wall shared with business neighbors.

Founded by Max Rau in 1912, the company has completely refurbished its 40,000-square-foot antique showroom towards the end of 2019. The refurbishment has more than doubled the space of the original showroom by acquiring two adjacent buildings. 2015 and 2016 622-624 and 616-618 Royal St.

The three-story antique gallery was celebrated by Dr. Isador Rabatut in 1831 as a wedding gift to his new bride, Caroline Arkart, the daughter of one of the largest players in the business, Thomas Arkart. Was built as.

Labatut was also a veteran surgeon in Napoleon’s army at Waterlooo. Rabatut became prominent as the first native-born doctor to practice in Louisiana after participating in a campaign after the Napoleonic Wars. When he died in 1890, Rabatut was the oldest practitioner in the country.

Rabatut leased the ground floor as a commercial space to celebrities such as Edward Douglass White. Edward Douglass White later became the first Chief Justice of the Roman Catholic Supreme Court of the Supreme Court in 1910. Enrico Caruso, an Italian opera tenor, is also in New Orleans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The original gallery space at 630 Royal St. and the current jewelery boutique shop are famous in their own right, as they were inhabited by James Pitot, the first mayor of New Orleans.

Renovation Report: M.S. Rau turns original showroom into jewelry boutique Source link Renovation Report: M.S. Rau turns original showroom into jewelry boutique

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