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Rep. Boebert one of 9 Republicans to vote against two bills tied to formula shortage – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Denver-Lauren Boebert, 3 peoplerd Parliamentary Republicans were one of nine Republicans who voted against two bills that passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday to address the national milk powder shortage.

House Vote for 414-9 To pass the bill first, Access to infant formulaThe government has abandoned certain requirements for low-income households to continue to purchase infant formula through vouchers, even if they are in short supply, using the Special Supplementary Nutrition Program (WIC) for women, babies and children. can.

According to the House Education and Labor Committee, about half of the formulas sold in the United States are purchased with WIC benefits, but WIC allows only certain formulas to be purchased with government funding.

Also, according to the USDA, nearly 90% of babies participating in WIC use Abbott Nutrition prescriptions, which are at the heart of the deficiency.

As of March 2022, WIC in Colorado has 83,018 people. Depending on the condition.. And on average in 2022, there were 44,100 children under the age of 2 and more than 17,000 children over the age of 20.

February, one of Abbott’s facilities in Michigan Shut down during investigation The U.S. Food and Drug Administration suspected that the facility was unsanitary, leading to the death of two babies who used the product after being suspected of being infected.Some of Abbott’s products It was recalled again.

FDA announced It was agreed with Abbott Procedures for reopening the facility Waiting for court approval. The company said it could still take two months for the products manufactured at the facility to arrive in the store. The FDA said Thursday that the factory could be restored and operational next week. According to the Associated Press.

President Joe Biden on Wednesday Invoking the Defense Production Act Speed ​​up domestic formula production. The Pentagon is working to fly a palette of powdered milk from other countries, AP reported.

The House of Representatives also approved a second infant formula-related bill, the Infant Formula Supplementary Budget Act, on Wednesday. This will send $ 28 million To the FDA to address the formula shortage and work to stop future shortages. The measure is 231-192 votesOnly 12 Republicans voted in favor, and many said they didn’t need money beyond the other actions the government was taking.

Bobert and Congressman, and two other Republicans in Colorado, Doug Ramborn and Ken Buck, all voted against the bill. Four Colorado parliamentarians voted in favor of the bill, just like any other member of parliament.

Why Bobert opposed both measures when asked Thursday – Tweet Regarding the lack of formula on May 12 – she claimed that the Biden administration and the Democratic Party created the problem. Abbott does not maintain its prescription and evidence that the plant caused infant mortality, but the FDA’s investigation is ongoing.

“Raising salaries for FDA bureaucrats without addressing production and supply chain issues will not fill the shortfall,” Bobert said in a statement. “Democrats should be ashamed to provide a false hope message invoice, not a real solution for moms and dads trying to feed their children.”

She did not mention voting on WIC-specific measures. Unanimously passed the Senate On thursday. But she tweeted Thursday, believing that the FDA caused a milk powder shortage “by unreasonably closing the Abbott factory on suspicion that it proved to be untrue.”

Another bill, the FDA’s $ 28 million, hasn’t been voted by the Senate on Thursday, and its future is unclear.

Rep. Boebert one of 9 Republicans to vote against two bills tied to formula shortage Source link Rep. Boebert one of 9 Republicans to vote against two bills tied to formula shortage

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