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Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-05-14 22:13:34 –

Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – New Mexico’s top DWI police officer has caught a drunk driver who is becoming a very familiar face in a New Mexico court. last week, New Mexico PoliceToby Lafave, a top DWI police officer in Albuquerque, has discovered a black SUV that descends the I-40 at 103 mph in Albuquerque.

Lafave’s dash camera shows that the SUV suddenly stops and then shakes several times.

Officer: “I think they are switching drivers.”
passenger: “How are you?”
Officer: “How are you?”
passenger: “good.”
Officer: “Why do you switch drivers? I’m not going to ask you again … why did you switch drivers?”
passenger: “She panicked.”
Officer: “what’s that?”
White Goat: “I was speeding up.”

Marlene Whitegoat, 48, admitted to drinking before squeezing the steering wheel.

Officer: “Tell me how much I had to drink today.”
White Goat: “Um … not much. Barely.”

Before the field drinking test begins, White Goat seems to know where the situation is heading. White Goat leaned forward and was handcuffed after asking police officers if he had been arrested. This could be because White Goat has already been arrested for drunk driving at least four times and she is again poorly performing before being handcuffed to blow more than twice the legal limit.

In court on Friday, the judge made an unusual decision to put the accused drunk driver behind the bar until the trial because of her long history of DWI. One of White Goat’s previous arrests was charged with child abuse because her children were in the car.

White Goat already has four beliefs. One-fifth is behind the bar for at least a year.

Repeat DWI offender to stay behind bars Source link Repeat DWI offender to stay behind bars

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